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  1. Almost as hot as http://www.doomworld.com/vb/everything-else/38141-now-you-can-have-your-very-own-chaingun/
  2. GGG

    Selling 50$

    Nice try, Ralphis. Also, is it actually in mint condition or just "near mint?" Don't false advertise. It'll be kinda funny if the winning bid is 50.00.
  3. GGG

    USA election guide

    I'll trust a Dutch site to give me unbiased info on U.S. candidates. And I'm not sure whether I should be sincere or sarcastic with that remark. RON PAUL- BECAUSE OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURES AREN'T IMPORTANT
  4. GGG

    1280x1024 / 72dpi

    I don't have one.
  5. GGG

    Choice Beverages...

    Louis XIII like it's water on a hot day
  6. GGG

    Doom89 Released

    Well, in the first link's provided screenshots, the doors open Wolf-3D style. And since I haven't used my TI-89 in about five and a half years, I'll likely stick with my Game Boy. (And yeah, major meltfest when I took out the 89's batteries about 3 months ago.)
  7. GGG

    Other Doomer's who went AWAL

    So, is suicide the #1 killer of active Doomers? I wonder how it might be different if suicide wasn't possible in the game. Or if the mean Doomer age was about 30 years higher.
  8. Too bad. Because while Super Mario Mushroom and Turtle Spaghetti and Peach-With-A-Hole-In-It would be killer, people aren't going to buy into Super Narmio Truffle Linguini or Sornix the Porcupine Fox Pudding or Mortal Wombat Futality! Cobbler or DoomeD Nobleman of Hades Green Flambé.
  9. GGG

    Something to Get You into the Holiday Spirit

    I'd rather see a santase wad.
  10. GGG

    Worst Doom wad EVER

    I think I heard of a wad that contained a virus at some point. Betcha that was pretty bad.
  11. GGG

    Doomed Food

    It would have to be Baronofhelljager.
  12. GGG

    We're all going to be RICH

    I wouldn't invest too much time in it.
  13. GGG

    R.I.P. Evel Knievel

    I heard that as part of the funeral, his coffin was to be hitched to an ATV that would make a jump over his burial pit.
  14. GGG

    The /newstuff Chronicles #311

    Wow, atomicgamer sucks dick. Redirect my dick into your mouth, atomicgamer. Anyway, looks like the One Monster Megawad just escapes being "A Megawad for 2008!" and can remain "A Megawad for 2006!" And I'm looking forward to the grammar drama hijack. Been a little while.
  15. GGG

    Do you hunt?

    I'm all for human population control. Couples should not be allowed to have more than two kids. (Unless it's triplets or something uncommon and out of their control.) But that's not a likely scenario to become law in most of the western world. Your mom still feeds you?
  16. GGG

    BFG Question

    Well, if the butt of the shotgun or SSG is up in your diaphragm and the gun is held steady, you could probably shoot it without a real recoil. And chainguns often don't show much recoil since they're so heavy. (Or at least miniguns don't. And they fire a lot faster.) As for the BFG, who can say that it should have recoil? Ever see a BFG fired in the real world? And it also probably weighs more than the chaingun.
  17. GGG

    Do you hunt?

    I kill things with my van. Also, how does being a treehugger stop one from being a hunter? If an overpopulated species is threatening the ecosystem, I'm sure there are plenty of environmentalists who would support hunting, rather than simply relocating the species, which won't always benefit the environment. Just because you want to be an active participant in keeping a species in check doesn't mean you want to log trees too.
  18. Well, anti-gravity works, if you want to call it that. (Magnetism is more powerful than gravity.) Hopefully one of these days, through diamagnetism, a human adult will levitate. The record, last time I checked, was 22 pounds, which means yes, you can levitate your cat. EDIT: And yeah, I realize an anorexic midget could weigh 22 pounds.
  19. GGG

    Odd question for you???

  20. GGG

    11 year old bboy (breakdancer)

    And Darkstalkers died with the 90s. Still, the only redeemable incarnation of breakdancing was breakdance fighting.
  21. GGG

    very simple gods

    This is the kind of art that's good for old people. Or at least the ones who can't discern detail. My guess is there were no gay marriages back then. LIFE LESSON: Do NOT use this phrase when talking to Hindus.
  22. Is that what you told your kindergarten teacher?
  23. GGG

    The /newstuff Chronicles #310

    Maybe I should start playing DM again.
  24. GGG

    Toxic She-Male

    Looks good after ten beers.
  25. GGG


    DETH was the man, though my display settings always seemed to register at a warped resolution. I couldn't find any options to fix that. Probably a version with such an incompatibility.