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  1. DameHamara

    What are you playing now?

    @terminator What source port are you using and how did you set up that minimap in the corner?
  2. DameHamara

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bourgeois Megawad

    Map 02: Keepsake Difficulty: Hurt Me Plenty Source Port: GZDoom Compat Mode: Default Free Look: On Jumping: Off Crouching: Off This is my second play of this map, as I got hooked on it when I was playing yesterday, going through at least 7 maps. Had to replay to figure out what I wanted to say about it. Another hot pistol start, this time in front of pink demons, with a chainsaw and a berserk. First play, I went with the chainsaw, killed the pinkies, then used my rifle to kill the hitscanners on the ledge above. Second play, I went with berserk to kill all in this room, was left with less than 10 health. With the starting room cleared, I now had a foothold to move on and clear the rest of the map, room by room. I started with the far east room, pulling the medium baddies out and killing them 1–2 at a time, then moved in a took out the hitscanners down below, then grabbing the RL and taking out the revenants. Then I went down and found a desperately needed health pack, which opened up a small area with 3 chaingunners as soon as I picked it up, wasting most of the health that I just gained. I finished them off with a rocket, then grabbed the blue key. My next step was to kill the stuff outside, with the choice of taking out either the revenants on the ledge, through the window; or the ones down the stairs, first. I opted for the ones through the window, so that I had a safe place to back into while handling the ones down the stairs. Then I moved down the stairs to find a small group of hitscanners, taking them down with my shotgun. With the level cleared, I noticed the ledge just outside the window with tons of ammo and a plasma gun, along with the BFG on the stairs to the exit. I grabbed it all and nabbed another easy secret, then went and finished the level. The start is almost as frantic as MAP 01, but the rest of the level is closer to what I am used to. Overral, still just as fun. Worth noting that on Hurt Me Plenty, the Cyberdemon is absent. Kills: 100% Items: 100% Secrets: 100%
  3. DameHamara

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bourgeois Megawad

    Hello, I'm new to these forums and thus this WAD club. Been playing Doom since I was 8 years old and have played tons of mods. Found this and thought it'd be a great way to play even more. I was a bit curious as to how a deathmatch WAD worked in single-player, so it gave me a reason to download it and check it out. So far, it sure plays differently from your typical WAD, especially with that hot start. A lot faster paced, ammo and health is much more limited, levels are smaller and enemies packed tighter. Map 01: Darken Difficulty: Hurt Me Plenty Source Port: GZDoom Compat Mode: Default Free Look: On Jumping: Off Crouching: Off That super hot start threw me off quite a bit, spent a bit of time (too much time) trying to get my bearings straight and trying to find the shotgun (or anything better). Somethings about the gameplay modification also made the movement feel a bit off from vanilla Doom, took some time to adjust. The new starter weapon is much better than your standard-issue pistol, and the rest of the weapons are also pretty great to work with. I see people mentioning a Spider Mastermind on MAP01 when playing UV, it is absent in HMP. The map is small, fast, and resources are very limited; but it is very exciting to play. Kills: 100% Items: 100% Secrets: 100%