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  1. King_Parliament

    Most Memorable Pic

    My most memorable pic comes actually from an ad for the Jaguar version of doom. It was E1M7 of the 2 Barons of Hell several steps out of their "boxes" Both were readying to hurl a fireball and the player was shooting the closest one with a plasma rifle. It was so moody, displayed some kind of fright, but generally just screamed "this is Doom" to me in some way.
  2. King_Parliament

    Which Weapon Did You Like Best?

    I'd say the Super Shotgun. Nothing like the loud explosion of a gunshot followed by the "klik-klik-ka-klak" of loading another round in. The HUGE pellet spray and usefulness until the end of the game made me love that double-barrelled monster. And yes, Barrels rock so hard. But there weren't enough levels in the original that made great use of them, save "Barrels of Fun" in Doom II, which was very clever initially and showed how badly barrels can be for ANYTHING's health. Until that level, I found them only useful for Pinky Deamons and lesser creatures.
  3. King_Parliament

    Best sound effect

    The arch vile always sounded to me like something drowning in blood or maple syrup. Really wierd. Wasn't really satisfying for me (more irritating), but killing him and watching the demonic bastard-medic fall apart never got old.
  4. King_Parliament

    Another Doom sound used in movie..

    I hear the pistol/chaingun shot sound effect a lot in low budget movies. Yes, the door sound effect is absolutely everywhere too.
  5. King_Parliament

    Best sound effect

    Keeping up with the insanely popular "Best _____" theme, I am bringing up a new question that continues to defy originality for the sake of curiosity and noseyness. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SOUND EFFECT??? (in the Doom series, you sillies) Personally, it's the Super Shotgun. The loud "KA-BOOM!" of twin barrels of rage followed by the familliar "klik-ka-klik-klak" of the chamber being loaded with 2 new scatter-presents for your new friends is so memorable.
  6. King_Parliament

    most satisfying dead body

    Oh yes. It sounds like someone hit it with a bat. I just love that sound effect, works well with it's cerebral noggin popping open and spilling out like a raw egg. Damn, now I'm hungry. My favorite? The Mancubus. When you kill it the first part of the animation is it's skull blowing apart. I just love it. I prefer to finish them off with the super shotgun because it's so fitting for that part. Then the brain and eyes flopping down as it's skin practically melts off of it is great.
  7. King_Parliament

    Doom 2 levels

    Ditto Noob: I first played doom at age 6 and became a cheat addict. A 12-step program and constant picking from friends lead be to see the light! I haven't played Doom since age 10 (on N64 and it sucked something awful due to the control setup) and I'm 16 now. What makes Map 07 hard? The Mancubus are flat easy, but when the Arachnatrons come out to play, all hell breaks loose. The key is not being in the middle area as so many plasma rounds are flying all over the place. After I found the outside area, I took them on 1 or 2 at a time and that made things loads easier. It's just when those gates go down. I'm an item/health junkie and when my health drops below 70 or I use a particular gun too much (I.E. the Rocket Launcher early on or something that fires Plasma,) I have a habit of quickloading so it takes a long time and thus it is "hard" for me. My habit abated after playing for a while, as there is health all over the place in Doom. Yes I know how to strafe. I strafe a lot. Strafing saves lives. Strafe today. If you don't strafe in Doom, you make baby jesus cry. (and perhaps die a lot)
  8. King_Parliament

    Favourite Map Music?

    I always liked the music from Map 01 in Doom II, I hum it a lot and found a great guitar remix that makes it sound awesome. Doom 1? I like E3M1 (hell keep) quite a bit, and yeah E3M3 (Pandemonium) is great. But what are the best of both? The interlevel music. I just love the Doom II interlevel song (ringtone on my cell), and the one from Doom 1 is repetitive but catchy.
  9. King_Parliament

    Doom 2 levels

    Awww, no one has mentioned Barrels O Fun! I'll admit, not the best map in the game (I'll get to that) it's my favorite, it was a lot of fun and superbly creative. The intro is hands-down my favorite of any Doom Level next to the Wolfenstein level (The shock alone...), you, that box, and the barrels. Step in any direction, you hear/see the mancubus, and things go insane from there! Killing 10 or so Commandos and about 9 Hell Knights with barrels and roughly ten pistol bullets feels so good! But what do I believe is the "best" map? Likely to be Dead Simple. It was wicked hard the first times I played it and was absolutely insane. Plus, it really made me start fearing large groups of arachnotrons in small areas! Still makes for a great DM level too. + Oh, and a note of honesty, I have never beaten Doom II to completion without cheating (youth made me love codes, hate them now), but I'm doin that right now. Currently on Gotcha at Hurt Me Plenty difficulty (Its been a snap so far, except for Dead Simple) and playing in my spare time(In between Forgotten Hope mod for BF1942 and the Far Cry demo)
  10. King_Parliament

    Was it worth Selling my Gba along With doom?

    This is modestly off topic, but I found Doom on GBA a great buy. I bought 2 more used copies and played COOP with my friend for a long time. We beat the game twice and kept coming back. DM? Oh yes. 3 people on Fortress of Mystery (the last level for the GBA version, can't handle big levels and there is no Spider Mastermind) aboslutely rocks on GBA. Aww man, I got some great memories! I can't believe you sold it. Shame, it was damn fun. I guess, but I'd have kept it and bought another copy and link cable. I still play Doom when I get tired of seeing mario kill a magic mushroom with his badass midget self. (Oh, and Nintendo Doom wad rules, btw.)
  11. King_Parliament

    what do you think was the most classic and memorable moment in doom?

    Several, really- -Hearing the Cacodeamon hiss for the first time. It still scares me today when I don't expect it. -Hearing the Doomguy die. His sound effect gave me 2 consecutive nightmares (I was about 9 years old at this point.) -Seeing the Rabbit's head (Daisy! No!) on a pike. I never saw it coming! -The Muzak for Doom II map 01. I still hum the tune today had have 3 remixes on my comp.
  12. King_Parliament


    This comic has some of the most pathetically bad text I have ever read. "Dynamite!" Yes, it's very bad, but the art is cool. It's nice to see the Doomguy done "professionally." It's a joy to read for doom fans, and the more-than-one-liners make it feel like a B-movie. To those of you that hate it: Comics are for stories, and Doom lacks a real one. It's like an action movie, turn of your brain and enjoy the carnage. That's doom for ya, and that's the comic. Heh, what a joy. Cheers to the doom community! "You are huge! That means you have huge guts! Rip and tear!" *laughs like a fiend*
  13. King_Parliament

    PSX doom?

    Doom on Playstation was just Doom and Doom II with new sounds and a moodier atmosphere. I will admit, I liked it better, and the lack of music scared the shyte out of me. I still love the sound effects better than the PC version.
  14. Hey, remember him? The big, ugly Brain-On-Legs with the minigun? The one that takes forever to kill and longer to not be killed by? I'm sure we all do. I'm also sure we all agree he's harder than Mr. Cybie Demon, as you can dodge the rockets. Bullets... Not much so. The first time I met him, my response was along the lines of "HOLY CRAP!" as my character was swiss-cheesed by bullets and cut down at medium range. I have since been only able to beat him while cheating, but I haven't tried fighting him in a fair battle since age 9. That will change soon. Anyone remember? About what the evil prick did to Daisy? Anyone?
  15. King_Parliament

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    The first time I ever saw the Cyberdeamon, I was a little kid, and I was cheating. Aside from the fight (standing and shooting as he pummelled my invulnerable ass into the corner in 'Tricks and Traps' and then again in 'The Pit' of Doom II), it was a shock. He was huge, noisy, and scary. Plus he fired rockets! Egad! I'm playing through the game for the first time sans cheating (currently on Map 10 of Doom II after getting bored of Doom I) and I found the encounters frightening, lengthly, and kind of difficult. I skipped to "Tower of Babel" in Doom I (*Kisses Doom 95*) and fought him there. It was also long and hard (as all I had was Rockets after my 40 or so plasma shots), and I kept running into lost souls and then being hit by a rocket. Now... This reminds me of another thread idea... *Runs to thread starter*