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  1. smithpd

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    I made it through hub #2 without hints from the forum. I'm not saying it is easy -- just that it is possible. In fact it is very hard, and I just stumbled around blindly until I eventually found everything. I agree with Mordeth that better hints in the game would make it more fun. I almost ran out of ammo in this hub even though I went into it with quite a lot. I found the target range and some other stashes fairly late in the game. I was down to using my chain saw on all but the worst monsters. I felt that I could not afford to kill the monsters in the cryo area so I just ran for it. Probably the best tactic anyway. At the end, my stats were 0 kills and 0 items, although it seemed like I got hundreds of each. In spite of my complaints, I am enjoying Daedalus a lot. :)
  2. smithpd

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    Thanks again Mordeth. I got it this time. I was confused by two things. One is that the decontamination process took so long and then, evidently, it reverts to contaminated again. So you have to hang around the door switch for just the right amount of time to open it. Second, I kept receiving the message that I needed to go to Environmental Control to do something, but I could not go there. Now I am on my way to EC. :) EDIT: I finished hub 1 on skill 3 with 194 health, 200 armor, 100 kills, 100 items, and 100 secrets. :) Time sucked. Took five days and about 20 hours total (a lot of it in running around lost), and I am 1/4 through. Plenty of entertainment value, but some of the puzzles are difficult. I really enjoyed it overall. Thanks, Team TNT!
  3. smithpd

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    OK, I scoured the maps as I know them (engineering, sleeping, kitchen, engine) and I found no moving doors other than rotating trash compactors in the garbage area below the kitchen. The trash compactors are protected by a force field I cannot get through. I used all consoles and keypad switches I could get to, and nothing additional happened. I see two consoles behind a force field next to the entry from engineering to the engine arrea. There is a blue soul sphere in there. I cannot open that either. And again, the transporter to Environmental Control is dead. And so am I. Dead in the water. :(
  4. smithpd

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    Thanks, Mordeth. I had already done all that you describe except to find moving doors. I have pressed the console that says decontamination procedure started. However, I can't find any moving doors in the immediate area of engine control. Can you tell me where they are? I will start hunting again everywhere, but I think I have already done that a couple of times, so a further hint to find the moving doors would be welcome. One thing that is puzzling me is that there is a transporter to Envoronmental Control located within the engine control area, and it is dark and non functional. I get messages in the multi console room saying that I need to switch something in Environmental Control, but I can't get there (yet). Does this come later, after I find the moving doors, or have I missed something in Environmental Control that I have to do now? If the latter, then how do I get that transporter to work? Thanks again. :)
  5. smithpd

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    I have made it into the first inner control room in engine control, hub #1. This room has an airlock that needs to be docontaminated, but I can't get into Environmental Control area. I have found only one transporter that leads to Environmental Control. It is located in the outer ring of the Engine control area. The transporter is dark and won't function. Please spoil me and tell me where is the switch to activate it?