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  1. matador

    DBP43: Christmas In Inferno

    HO HO HO! Didn't see anyone else post this here, so I guess I will. Christmas In Inferno is a festive episode for Doom 2 made to be played on any limit-removing port of your choice brought to you by Sant-ilya Claus and his merry band of helpers from the north pole the Doomer Boards. Play as Santa and go to hell and back to deliver presents. Get it before Christmas is over! >>>DOWNLOAD HERE<<< Screenshots: MAPLIST: Previous Projects:
  2. "Norwich Lane" by sonny666, from the map of the same name in DBP29: Morbid Autumn. A tense and creepy atmospheric track that perfectly suits the mood of the map.
  3. matador

    How do you personally play doom?

    Keyboard only, usually continuous with start and end level saves but it varies depending on the mapset. I'm getting more into idcleving to random levels and fooling around rather than playing through megawads front to back.
  4. matador

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Some Doom WADs I haven't seen done yet: XXXI Cybersky, Ad Mortem, AOL Girls Museum, Archi-Tek Attack on Io, Chex Quest, Daedalus: Alien Defense, The Enigma Episode Frozen Time, Hell Ground, Lost Civilization, Mutiny Oceanside, UAC Ultra
  5. matador

    The 10x10 Project (Part One) [BOOM]

    No problem, man. They were fun to playtest and I'm looking forward to the next batch. Very curious what the next batch of texture/flat combos will be. I agree with @eharper256 that I'd like to see FIREBLU pop up in the future. I always liked GRAYVINE, so it'd be cool to see that one too.
  6. matador

    The 10x10 Project (Part One) [BOOM]

    Congrats on release, I look forward to the next 5. Really nice texture/flat combos - especially map 4's panbook/nukage combo, which is goes together very well and has a pretty unique aesthetic. I played a bit of the secret map and had fun with it and enjoyed it's crazy nature.
  7. matador

    AI Generated Title Screens

    DBPs 1-42 (spoilered because there's 42 images)
  8. matador

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    Yes. There's some Thyrbse music from HR2 and some Thyrbse music not used in HR2, along with a few non-Thyrbse midis.
  9. matador

    DBP39: Carnage Oasis

    Thanks for posting this up here @dmslr! Nice to see so many new faces in the credits, as well as a couple of returning ones. Pretty cool theme this time around and some cool maps inside.
  10. matador

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Looks more washed out than in game for whatever reason.
  11. matador


    Ah, sorry, I didn't see the comma and misread it as 'Map 3'. There actually are some difficulty settings here but not every map has them - both of the Lunch Lunch maps have them and I believe some of the 40oz and SuperCupcakeTactics maps have them as well.
  12. matador


    Thanks for pointing this out. Re: Map 3 - what difficulty was this on? I noticed after release that there were some monsters in HMP and below that I meant to remove that I just unflagged for UV, so that's on my radar for the RC2 bugfix if it's in HMP or lower.
  13. matador

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Definitely need to play more than 20 minutes, it's a big one with lots of cool stuff inside! Hope you enjoy it. Yes! AUGER;ZENITH too!
  14. matador

    What are you playing now?

    Bad Weather is pretty funny, I had a lot of fun with that one.
  15. matador


    Here you go: MAP01 - One Night in Neo Kobe City (from Snatcher) MAP02 - HOME - Resonance MAP03 - Sonic CD Stardust Speedway House Mix MAP04 - Gene Gadget Zone: Act 1 (from Sonic 3D Blast) MAP05 - Streets of Rage 1 Stage 1 MAP06 - Psyrus - Crystaline MAP07 - Shinobi 3 Whirlwind MAP08 - Ninja Warriors Stage 4 MAP09 - Undertale CORE MAP10 - Escape from New York theme MAP11 - Streets of Rage 2 Stage 4 1 MAP12 - E1M7 from Ultimate Doom MAP13 - Ghost in the Shell - Floating Museum MAP14 - Streets of Rage 2 Stage 3 Dreamer MAP15 - Killer 7 - Rave On MAP16 - Streets of Rage 2 Max Man MAP17 - Psyrus - Cybernetic MAP18 - Streets of Rage 1 Stage 3 MAP19 - Electric Toothbrush (from Jet Set Radio) MAP20 - Streets of Rage 2 Stage 1 MAP 21 - Ninja Warriors - Final Boss