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  1. Just in response to the title: He wanted to make a 5th Episode, not a new release of the game.
  2. Hello! I've been watching Sandy Petersen's youtube channel "Sandy of Cthulhu" recently and he has quite a lot of stories to tell! A lot of people here may already know that one of the original Doom designers has his own youtube channel, but there could be people that aren't aware of it. I highly recommend checking it out. He provides some amazing first-hand insight into game development that is invaluable to anybody wanting to enter the gaming industry. He talks about everything from "being the only person that would help John Carmack's obsession with porting Doom to Atari Jaguar" to "American McGee having his drink spiked with PCP on a night out with NIN, Pantera and id software staff" It's pretty clear that his religious beliefs have no interference with his imagination, one of his videos is titled "How I Kill My Children" in relation to being forced to delete interesting map ideas or alter them to invalidate their original functions. Which is something pretty much every Doom mapper experiences at some point. His channel is gold for all Doom players & we're lucky to have it.
  3. Sambo J

    Why I left this community.

    I've been playing Doom since 1993, but only recently joined doomworld because I was already building maps. I've found the community to be helpful with constructive criticism that really helps modders. People have been very polite to me, I have no idea what it was like before 2021 though.
  4. Sambo J

    Creating a "map format" page on Doomwiki.org?

    I'm glad somebody is working on this, finding descriptive resources for each map format is a pain. I started with an old map format for the most compatibility, Doom 2. I couldn't find much info about it, and all of the example MAPINFO scripts on the doomwiki for ZDoom(old) and ZDoom(new) would crash the game on start up. I'm pretty sure the right info for the format that I'm using is out there, but finding it isn't very obvious. Here's an example of my MAPINFO file that actually works, you can clearly see that the script format isn't on the map format page with the others: //DOOM PROJECT MAP INFO clearskills skill nightmare AmmoFactor 2 FastMonsters DisableCheats RespawnTime 12 SpawnFilter Nightmare PicName M_NMARE MustConfirm Key "n" defaultmap nocrouch nojump //sky1 SKY3 0 cluster 1 enterpic TITLEPIC exitpic ENDPIC map MAP01 "Starbase" next MAP02 //secretnext sky1 SKYHUB 0.2 par "45" music SAMBO map MAP02 "Nightmare Arena" //next //secretnext sky1 SKY3 0 //cluster par "30" music D_RUNNIN clusterdef 1 music BUNNY flat RW24_1 exittext "FANCY WRITTEN ENDING" There's a bunch of extra crap in there, I know... But it's the only format that runs for me. The = symbols are gone, no brackets at all, and "" are only used around numbers & letters that are generated in the in-game Doom font. Without those prerequisites the WAD will crash instantly every time. This info should be out there somewhere but I couldn't find anything about it.
  5. Sambo J

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    ...testing the monster:ammo ratio for a slaughtermap in the making... 5000 on-screen enemies & counting (until I break something :)
  6. Sambo J

    What did you think about Doom 2016/ Doom Eternal?

    It's a bit hard to compare Doom 2016 & Doom Eternal. Both of them are very distant from the originals, to the point where they have no chance of aging as well. 2016 was really good & I enjoyed it, but the game-play felt like a new Quake game with Doom levels & weapons. I'm fine with that because I enjoy the Quake games, but other combat aspects had me wondering "why?" The blue/orange "this target is ready for glory kill" highlight was unnecessary, and kind of insulting considering monsters already had a temporary incapacitated animation. People can see the creature dying, it never needed the over-powered highlight for that animation in my opinion. Lets make the player trapeze!.. Seriously a jetpack does the same thing and would have been way cooler. The Doomguy from 93 never did gymnastics at high-school to my knowledge. Doom Eternal though, it's like the design team went to town to make it look absolutely incredible and have the monsters true to the original. The detail is a sight to behold... But I'm with John Carmack as far as story is concerned. Doesn't anybody else think a chainsaw creating a massive plume of multi-colored confetti is a bit weird for a Doom game? How many of these funtastic fountains must be created to finish the game? Soooo many that this visual effect is a bit overpowering, somewhat detrimental to the feel of the levels at times. They're both great games, apples & oranges really.
  7. That would be awesome! Your track is the "beast" in my opinion, it's unreal how you managed to make a MIDI file sound like that. I can play guitar, bass, drums, piano, & can confirm; you got some serious abilities there.
  8. Firstly, Thank you for doing this project! MIDI is a music format I'm relatively new to programming. What you have here is pretty much an entire album that has something for everyone in it. I've been playing Doom since shareware so I just check out the MIDI files, I didn't even need to play the game to notice "what you did there" ;) I think it's really good, and definitely an asset for people who are building their own Doom levels. I wouldn't mind using a few tracks myself! I really enjoyed the songs with deep bass & fast drums, tracks that can compliment combat very quickly are invaluable to people like me. It would be interesting to listen to some original compositions too, there's more than enough talent there!
  9. Sambo J

    How old is ''doomworld'' ?

    Last millennium when people launched Pong from A: Yep.
    The first room is like a giant demon double-teabag... The title of the mod leaving an impression... Surprisingly fun on nightmare & has a fancy reward too.
  10. Sambo J

    Using MIDIs of Copyright Songs in custom WADs

  11. Oh, Sandy Peterson was the work-horse for Doom 2. It feels like he had too much work for a single person on that project.
  12. Just the original post topic :) It just feels like the middle Doom 2 levels weren't polished as well as the others, most likely due to the time restrictions they were working under.
  13. Doom 2 relied too much on a single work-horse & it shows throughout the middle of the game.
  14. Sambo J

    Using MIDIs of Copyright Songs in custom WADs

    Bunch of random MIDIs if anybody's interested, source credits are in the files! Angel of Death - Slayer No Good - Prodigy Dead Skin Mask - Slayer Go - Moby Becoming - Pantera Becoming(BassEdit) - Pantera Cowboys from Hell - Pantera Walk - Pantera Climbatize - Prodigy Smack My Bitch Up - Prodigy Breathe - Prodigy Raining Blood - Slayer Spit - Sepultura ;) Sic - Slipknot :/ Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf :D randommidis.zip