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About Me

Sambo is what my brothers call me, a long-term unavoidable nickname because Sam only has 3 letters. J is the first letter of my middle name, my surname is my business!


I first played Shareware Doom from a floppy disk about a week after its release. And subsequently every release since.


My first complete levels were designed for the game "Blood" in 1998. They were a series of "trial" maps that directed the player through unusual obstacle courses, most of which were designed to kill the player at the first sign of a bad keystroke. The maps were mostly shared amongst friends who were (initially) quite annoyed that I had created a beast that could kill them so easily...


The challenge was on... All of them wanted to see how far their skills could get them to the end of the levels...


Personally I thought the challenges I had made were a bit excessive, but that didn't stop people from asking me to build harder maps! I'd left school to go to university & had a job by 16yrs. No spare time.


Fast forward to 2021 & I have spare time to make a few Doom maps! I was watching a few tutorials online & figured if I'm already making some Doom maps I'll end up on Doomworld eventually, it's nice to see that the community is both helpful and constructive.


I haven't done any model designing, but I have created levels & scripts for the following games:




Duke Nukem 3D



Quake 2

Quake 3

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield Vietnam

Elder Scrolls III

Elder Scrolls IV

Elder Scrolls V


Fallout 2

Fallout 3

Fallout 4



GTA Vice City

GTA Online


Currently building my first Doom 2 project in my free time. It's a single-player nightmare campaign with multiplayer support. I'll be posting regular progress updates and will update the information below as each map stage progresses.


Nightmare might sound a bit daunting to people, rest assured that I play test everything to ensure the content is balanced & to achieve par times. My recent levels are designed to even the playing field between a casual player, an ancient player and a speed-runner. After playing for 28 years some of us need a challenge that's fun, extreme, but within reason.




1st: Nightmare Arena (test alpha complete, detailing)

2nd: Starbase (in progress)

3rd: Despina (in progress)