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  1. Deathdust

    Your favorite weapon mods and TCs

    Where can I get the Q2 weapon in doom thing?
  2. Deathdust

    DeusVult.WAD: I need beta testers

    1) Do you like large maps? not really, prefer medium, medium-small 2) Do you like large-scale, knockout fighting? if you mean intense, prolonged fighting, it pisses me off 3) Do you like the AV/HR/Nuts series? don't think I've played them 4) Can your computer handle 39,000 sidedefs? probably not 5) Can you handle some lag? It will not be so bad to affect gameplay. have to put up with at least a little bit of it playing 75% of maps 6) Can you beat AV-26 on UV with little save? haven't played it but I guess I couldn't *reads further down* well I kinda answered no to these so I probably won't enjoy it and my machine's likely to crash but I'll have a look anyway..
  3. Deathdust

    Enabling MD2s with JDoom/Doomsday

  4. Deathdust

    Enabling MD2s with JDoom/Doomsday

    Well the md2 pack I'm trying to use was either made for doomgl or zdoomgl (can't remember) and the zip for the engine is deng-1.7.14.
  5. Deathdust

    Enabling MD2s with JDoom/Doomsday

    Where can I get that? It's not in any of the folders..
  6. I have md2s in the right directory but I can't figure out how to enable them. I could have missed something in the text files I guess. Would someone mind helping?
  7. Deathdust

    MD2 to 3DS Converter

    I'll take a look.. thanks.
  8. Deathdust

    I have a problem...

    This could be the see through walls thing.. I read that thread but don't have time to try it now. When I enter a level about 50% of the screen, from the center out looks kinda normal but I have a huge border of void-like dodginess.. not a great description I know.. I might get a screenshot shortly, but yeah, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Deathdust

    MD2 to 3DS Converter

    Anyone know where to get one? I've tried google and the only thing similar is ID's 3DS to MD2 conv. included in the quake source code. I don't have 3DS Max and I've barely used it aside from making text in a multimedia class, so I don't know if that lets you save as MD2 or anything. Would really appreciate any help.
  10. Deathdust

    Excessively detailed maps..

    Thanks :*
  11. Deathdust

    Excessively detailed maps..

    What would you say the best editor atm is? (I know I'm getting off-topic but I plan to start my own excessively detailed level tomoz)
  12. Deathdust

    Excessively detailed maps..

    Do you know if ID had that problem with their editor/s? Surely they would have programmed decent ones..
  13. Deathdust

    Excessively detailed maps..

    I'm new so sorry if this has been asked/done before - What do you think the most highly detailed maps ever are. I'd like to play maps that either push my machine by their detail or at least are biting at the vis_plane limit - if that's even a problem anymore. Please?