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Status Updates posted by Dron

  1. Note: Spoilers ahead

    Near the end of the game when you get into Xen, and teleport out of the factory you get to a set of floating rocks where you must jump from one rock to another to get to a bigger one with a strange structure on it (Note this place is RIGHT before the fight with Nihilanth the final boss). Anyway when you get to the platform if you stand RIGHT next to the teleporter in the center you'll start hearing faint voices coming from your memory. Like a scientist saying "Big day today Freeman" which is something you hear at the beginning at the game when you first get into the labs.

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    2. BlueSonnet


      I like the way how when you hear it speak it's all building up to the moment you fight it. You're left wondering what it all means. Then you come face to face with it and it says "Freeeemmmaaaannn!", then you know you're in for it.

    3. Dron


      Another weird thing about Half-Life I just remembered is in the "Unforeseen Consequenses" level in the room where there used to be 3 alive scientists before the incident there is a headcrabbed zombie sitting at a computer moving around insanely in it's chair struggling against the headcrab, it's computer is broken and the monitor is pure white and the whole screen keeps blinking and if you destroy the computer the zombie immediately dies. Does anyone have any explanation for that?

    4. Ultraviolet


      I've always had plenty of trouble sorting out the voice work in that game.

  2. I've finally reached 500 posts and have become a forum regular! On the same day of Action Doom's release to!

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    2. Bucket


      I think this is the exact same way I lost 1/5th of my postcount.

    3. Dron


      Numbermind said:

      I think this is the exact same way I lost 1/5th of my postcount.

      By posting about your post count?

    4. Danarchy


      Let us not forget the tale of the boy who got -666 posts for posting that he had 666 posts. And I don't mean he lost 666 posts, I mean he went down TO -666 posts. This was back in the days of yore when thou couldst do that.

  3. Anybody else have it? I just got an account today. For those not in the know it's a free google mail thingy with many features the main one being one gigabyte of storage.

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    2. Dron


      Yes that's asking who wants an account. Im asking who HAS an account.

    3. Planky
    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I do, now. And I really like it, too.

  4. After practicing playing doom some more i've FINALLY beaten Crestfallen (By Martin Friberb) on Ultra-Violence! Martin Friberg is you're out there then thank you for a great and thrilling wad! Nearly every fight was breathtaking especially the last one. For anyone who hasn't download and play it now! And if you have.... hell play it again! Next time I really should record a demo but beating it without at least one savegame is a terrifying task

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    2. Grazza


      Assmaster said:

      I recorded a demo on UV in 1:25 (iirc).

      You did it a bit quicker than that, in fact.

    3. Amaster


      Grazza said:

      You did it a bit quicker than that, in fact.

      Holy poop! Where did that page come from? Heh, Im listed somewhere, awesome.

    4. Grazza


      Opulent archives many of the demos posted in the demos forum at the DSDA (page; files via FTP). If you have any demos that you'd definitely like to appear at DSDA, you can e-mail them to Opulent (info).

  5. What is the highest rank possible on the forums. (eg: Is there anything higher then "Forum Staple")

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    2. SyntherAugustus


      Scabbed Angel said:

      I don't think I've ever seen the "Forum Spammer" one b4

      BBG had it once.

    3. Dron


      BlackFish said:

      BBG had it once.

      So did Fredrik back in 2000 or something when I was still lurking the forums. But I thought the Admins gave him that

    4. Dron


      Numbermind said:


      Custom avaters are disabled currently FYI because of teh technical difficulties but I think you knew THAT

  6. Okay so it happened yesterday... but i've finally got 250 posts! Sad that nobody can upload custom avaters because of teh "TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES PLEASE STAND BY *BEEP!*"