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  1. After practicing playing doom some more i've FINALLY beaten Crestfallen (By Martin Friberb) on Ultra-Violence! Martin Friberg is you're out there then thank you for a great and thrilling wad! Nearly every fight was breathtaking especially the last one. For anyone who hasn't download and play it now! And if you have.... hell play it again! Next time I really should record a demo but beating it without at least one savegame is a terrifying task

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    2. Grazza


      Assmaster said:

      I recorded a demo on UV in 1:25 (iirc).

      You did it a bit quicker than that, in fact.

    3. Amaster


      Grazza said:

      You did it a bit quicker than that, in fact.

      Holy poop! Where did that page come from? Heh, Im listed somewhere, awesome.

    4. Grazza


      Opulent archives many of the demos posted in the demos forum at the DSDA (page; files via FTP). If you have any demos that you'd definitely like to appear at DSDA, you can e-mail them to Opulent (info).