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  1. Dron

    doom reborn

    Doom Reborn is a project me and some other people have been working on for some time. tho I have kept it secret for some time. Anyway Doom Reborn is basically Doom1 remade with more detail and new rooms, and ZDoom features. "how is this different from KDiZD?" you may wonder. well, for one KDiZD is a remake of episode 1 of Doom. Doom Reborn remakes all the 36 levels of The Ultimate Doom. Doom Reborn is NOT a rip off of KDiZD. I actually had the idea of remaking Doom for a long time but I didnt start the idea for a long time. besides maps Doom Reborn will also feature new monsters, remade (AND added) weapons, etc. Besides me, there are also some pretty good mappers working on this. The mappers include, in no particular order, Ray/Edward who is making E1M5 and E3M1. Zap610 who is making E2M1 and E2M4. Sir Timberwolf who is making e1m3, and DoomBoy who is making E1M8. NMN is also the team artist. While we dont really have a real site ATM the doom reborn forums are located here and finally, here are several in-progress screenshots of Doom Reborn. http://doomreborn.edoom.org/E1M4/DOOM0164.png http://doomreborn.edoom.org/E1M4/DOOM0158.png http://doomreborn.edoom.org/DOOM0134.png http://doomreborn.edoom.org/DOOM0136.png Please post comments, criticisms, etc. any commentary is welcomed, whether good or bad =)
  2. Dron

    doom reborn

    HUGE bump! i thought it was better to bump this thread rather than start a whole new one. anyway top post edited and updated
  3. Dron

    Doom Voxel Project

    ...and if someone could shut you up you might actually be of some use! ;)
  4. Dron

    Project: Malice

    the texturing needs alot of work
  5. Dron

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    ... you people fall for sarcasm too easily
  6. Dron

    i have 2 small unfinished wads for you

    jesus christ just quit mapping, your work is wow.wad done 500 times worse. nobody wants to play your dumb maps so stop fucking telling us about them.
  7. Dron

    Simple Life Ain't so Simple

    rise of the triad
  8. Dron

    1024 Maps

    on skill 1 you get double the ammo/health from pickups
  9. Dron

    "LOL" Doom Moments

    i was playing map21 of doom2, and i shot a rocket at an imp on a ledge. the rocket caused it to fly up real high. (i think i was using some rocket launcher from some weapons mod)
  10. Dron

    texture error?!

    it does that to me like everytime i do shit in doombuilder
  11. Dron

    Work In Progress - Geo 2

    looks awesome
  12. Dron

    Why do you map?

    because its fun
  13. Dron

    New wads coming soon to alando1.com!

    [img]link to image[/img]
  14. Dron

    Did DOOM disappoint you?

    i used to hate the plasma rifle, now i really like it
  15. Dron

    Best levels/wads of all time.

    in no particular order... rtc-3057 hub1 alien vendetta action doom phobos anomaly reborn caverns of darkness grove simplicity darkening episode 2 claustrophobia massmouth 1 & 2 hell revealed 1 & 2 fragport slayer cyberdreams scythe 1 & 2 equinox vrack 2 & 3 also that one really detailed space station wad by erik alm that i dont remember the name of
  16. Dron

    Did DOOM disappoint you?

    better levels in e2, e3 and doom2 new bosses in e4 and final doom final doom to be more than just levels (maybe new weapons and/or monsters) the spider mastermind also wasnt as cool as i hoped it would
  17. some of you may remember my project "doom reborn" that i made a thread about some time ago. the project needs an artist since there are some sprites and textures the project needs and nobody on the team can draw afaik. just to show this isnt some random crap project, here are a few screenshots of the first level of it. http://img474.imageshack.us/img474/9278/doom01010wk.png http://img314.imageshack.us/img314/9979/doom01023px.png http://img314.imageshack.us/img314/1739/doom01035tx.png
  18. Dron

    The Ultimate DooM ForeveR released

    yeah, we all decided to make random fake stories that legacy crashes, EVERYONE did! .....damn guys, he figured it out :(
  19. Dron

    need an artist for project

    some new enemy sprites for some new monsters i have planned, that are also meant to fit in with the original doom ones, sorta.
  20. Dron

    Clipboard thread reborn

    --> Conversation (~X@AE8E0E76.9326C041.A70CE83F.IP) has joined #irpg <-- Conversation has quit (User has been banned from SlashNET (Spambot))