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  1. UnclePhil

    Why Was The Combat Shotgun Absent?

    You're probably thinking of the Hague Conventions, which include language on weapons of war. The Geneva Conventions contain language referring to the treatment of the wounded, shipwrecked, captured, and civilians. And do even the Hague conventions contain language on use of buckshot in combat? They definitely address deforming ammunition (hollow points, soft points, partial jackets, etc). IIRC the Germans bitched diplomatically about use of shotguns in the trenches of WW1 but someone better-informed than me would have to assert whether that was ever codified in an agreement with signatories. E: I would agree though that the term "combat shotgun" is bizarre when applied to a double-barreled coach gun, sawn-off or otherwise. That type of old school design is relegated to hunting and collectibles today. Combat shotguns generally use tubular magazines, or in some cases detachable mags (AA12), or revolving magazines (Armsel Striker), and in some cases even detachable revolving magazines (Pancor Jackhammer). Though that last one never got past the prototype stage and IIRC only had a functioning detachable rotary mag in the first Max Payne game.
  2. UnclePhil

    LavaMod for Doom Eternal - Upcoming Gameplay Overhaul mod

    I am very sorry to hear you experienced this, Lava. I never like to hear of creative types getting fingerforked by drama coming from self-appointed arbiters of content. I hope you continue to create and share things and that you don't face too much BS from psycho creeps.
  3. UnclePhil

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I'm gonna join those who say "Give me a Lovecrafty singleplayer romp influenced by Quake 1", but I think it would be really cool to see it taken in the opposite direction from modern Doom. I agree that the gritty, gothic dirt-stone-wood feel of Quake 1 is unique from the environments of Doom, but there are other nuances that have been touched on previously in the thread. Both Doom and Quake (not to mention Half-Life) share the basic 90s shooter story of "unscrupulous people monkey with teleporters and encounter monsters", so I can see how some folks feel a Quake reboot would be redundant, but I think each of those games had their own personality. Half-Life obviously went the furthest with familiar real-world environments, and was the one most firmly rooted in science fiction, with the critters explicitly being aliens. Doom was more abstract, owing somewhat to limitations of its time, and it's also on the fence of scifi vs horror/fantasy, with space stations alongside what seemed like a Satanic sort of hell. Quake 1 largely left its science fiction behind after the opening portions and went balls-out to the other side, battering fantasy enemies into grimy giblets in dark, stony castles. I think that element is part of why it stands out for so many people when later Quake entries swung far to the sci-fi side, invading alien worlds and doing Mortal Kombat in arenas with railguns and technological respawning. Things I would like to see return in a modern Quake reboot, heavy on horror: - A Lovecraft-inspired story with terribly ancient Eldritch horrors beneath the surface of the earth. - Genuinely creepy zombies, with the gross-yet-dangerous ranged weapon of throwing handfuls of rotten flesh at you. Combine with an intimidating moan and a tendency to come back to unlife if not gibbed by powerful weapons -- that you don't yet have when the zombies first appear. - Nailguns for bullet hoses, preferably a basic one and a badass one. - Iconic Quake 1 baddies like psychotically aggressive knights in plate armor, and the ogres with a chainsaw in one hand and a 'nade launcher in the other. - Creatures that are monstrous in an animalistic or primordial way as opposed to a demonic or space-alien way. - A lightning gun that reacts badly to being fired underwater. Things that might be fun for them to innovate on to distance it from modern Doom: - To turn away from high-speed action loops to a survival horror-influenced pace and aesthetic (Doom 3 is an obvious comparison). I'd love to see a slower-paced game, with a less-superpowered protagonist than Doomguy, but whose firearms feel more powerful against his somewhat more down-to-earth opposition. No Dash, no Meathook, and he won't have 30" biceps to rip-and-tear demons in half, but his guns are reliably deadly in a traditional sense as opposed to Doomguy's arcadey deck of counters. Soft hostiles like human cultists should be messily killed with a single shotgun blast. This would be a very different world from the one where Doom Eternal treats a large-caliber rifle like a spitball straw. - Melee weapons with blocking. Maybe a rock-paper-scissors like Aliens vs Predator 2010 where light attacks can be blocked, heavy attacks break blocks, but light attacks are fast enough to interrupt heavy attacks. Alternatively if you wanted it to be more complex with a higher skill ceiling: direction-based attacks and blocking, like Mount&Blade. Enemies that are tough melee opponents, like armored knights, can become less of a threat later in the campaign, with ammo becoming more plentiful. - A lightning gun that can affect objects in the environment in ways beyond "kill the wielder and everything else in the water if fired underwater"; i.e., environment objects that can be temporarily or permanently activated by powering or melting them with the lightning gun. I imagine a campaign where the plucky human protagonist starts from a mundane-though-creepy real-world setting and starts digging into something that ends up more than he bargained for. Maybe the story is kicked off by an abduction or a murder and the hero's quest for answers brings him up against forces that Man Was Not Meant To Know, his enemies escalating from mysterious creeps and fanatics to monsters and unspeakable evils. Part of the story should take place in otherworldly locales to allow for some of the classic Quake 1 style enemies and environments, but it would be really cool to see the game start in "the real world" and then take a Lovecrafty turn into the weird shit. The arsenal could expand in accord; early in the campaign it might be a tough call to use some precious handgun bullets so that you don't have to beat three guys to death in one fight. By the last act though, our formerly reluctant, desperate hero would be a hardened by his quest, taking a drum-fed shotgun and a spinning quad-barrelled nailgun to battle an eldritch abomination in an underground cavern where it's waking up after a thirty-thousand-year nap. That is a game that wouldn't be redundant with modern Doom.