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  1. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    Earthless: Prelude - now on Doom Classic Unity port!

    Congrats on another Unity add-on!
  2. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    Why'd you choose your title?

    My post count was at 49 when I made it. Since titles aren't exactly tied to post count anymore I thought why not. I'm also a klutz hence the title.
  3. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Generic Eva joke
  4. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    Bad Apple but it's in Doom (Boom, actually)

    Holy shit
  5. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    Jupiter Hell (Successor to DoomRL) Full Release August 5th

    About time. It felt like this project disappeared into the ether for a while or at least I hadn't kept up with it at all since it was announced. Glad it's coming out in full soon.
  6. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    The sludge in some levels is liquid bread. This was surpressed by UAC scientists for the greater good.
  7. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Recently I played through most of the Saints Row games that have been released on PC. The difference between 2 and the later games is so stark, even if 2 inches toward the craziness of the later games.
  8. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    Saltiest Doom moment that you recall?

    Everytime I forget to save after making significant progress in a map.
  9. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    Roebloz's 30k MIDI Package

    Jesus what a trove.
  10. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    Map11: Circle of Death, or 'O' of Destruction?

  11. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    Random Video Thread

  12. Now i'm fucking panicing, jesus
  13. The shithouse of glorified blackshirts that is KF adds another to their body count. May Near rest in peace. If it weren't for their work the state of SNES emulation and preservation would not be where it is today.
  14. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    John McAfee has died.

    An incredibly bizarre figure, I don't think anything more can be said
  15. Holy fucking shit!!!!!!