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  1. Baron

    leileitracker tracking compo #4

    Here I am. like nine years later asking if anyone still has the mod files from this competition. Not only because I'd like to hear my own entry again, which I lost about eight years ago, but all the others as well... You may well ask "what's the big deal / who fucking cares?" and normally I would completely agree with you. It's just that in this case I sort of went above and beyond effort-wise and would like to hear that bullshit again without having to painstakingly recreate how I went about it the first time around (and the other entries which I'd like to hear). etc, etc. P.S: If and when another doomworld modtracking competition comes up, count me in. Or at least try and get in touch with me. As this is one of the only things I haven`t forgotten how to do in my pathetic, shit-tastic 33 year-old life.
  2. Baron

    Alternate Names For Monsters

    Wowzers! I haven't been to Doomworld in three years and the last topic I posted in was on the exact same subject as this one. (and the last time I posted before that was in 2010) Glad to see you guys and this forum are still around. :) While I'm here, I might as well recap what I said last time. Being that I first played Doom on the snes with its incredibly low resolution and the fact that I was twelve years old at the time, I used to call Cacodemons "carpets"... as my first impression was that they looked like floating red circular rugs with an eye, mouth and horns. And called the Doom 64-speciifc versions of the zombieman pistol troopers "Forrest Gump" because they looked like slack-jawed yokels face-wise. I was / am a retard.
  3. Baron

    Nicknames for Doom monsters?

    Cacodemon: (Flying) Carpets! Vertical-standing round red rugs with faces! Y'understand?! Ever since '95, even. Doom 64 zombiemen: Forrest Gump Semi-related... The two dark rooms filled with Imps and two Barons in E2M4 at the bottom of the elevator in the round room: Shit Pits. (Also dates to 1995...when I would've found that part hectic!) Bonus: HACH-FEWF (Projectile sound phoneticized)
  4. Practically everything. But automotive designs most of all... Back in 1990 I thought new cars were starting to look ridiculous. Obviously, that turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg. The crap they're churning out these days makes a '94 Sunbird look cool by comparison! What the FUCK is the deal with these huge rims they put on everything?! I haven't seen one example where it didn't make the vehicle look utterly retarded. Do people want their cars to look like exaggerated HotWheels (for yuppies)?
  5. Baron

    Random stuff you like that virtually everyone hates

    "If you thought I was bad, wait'll you meet my lawyers!" :B I love the Double Dragon games and still found that movie fun. ...and it has a lot less to do with the source material than even Street Fighter or Mario Bros did.
  6. Baron

    Doomworld Metal Thread (surely Doomers enjoy metal)

    I used to listen to Anthrax, Megadeth and Iron Maiden in High School. Though it was strictly Joey Belladonna-era Anthrax. As far as Maiden goes, I liked their first two albums the most. I didn't really think so at the time, but I say Bruce Dickinson's ridiculous and everything they did after 1986 was pretty terrible. These days, I listen to a bit of Judas Priest and Megadeth now and then (Mostly "So far so good so what" and earlier. It still holds up.) No metal aside from that.
  7. Clich├ęd map idea much?
  8. Baron

    California is such a shithole

    Don't forget "Allow me to break the ice"!
  9. Baron

    Monster Possesion wads?

    I was hoping you'd say you got the idea from Shadow Force. The exact same idea...in a Double Dragon-type game. (also made by the same people) :P
  10. Anvil Studio. I've been using it since '98...and it's still updated fairly regularly. It's a bit limited in the effects department, but you can still do pitch bends, modulation and all that. Otherwise, it's swell! http://anvilstudio.com
  11. Baron

    Making Doom Miniatures

    I guess you've seen this already, but here's a semi-useful picture... The original clay model the sprites were made from: http://romero.smugmug.com/Video-Games/The-Archives/adrianbaron01/14482_rE9zd-O-2.jpg Slightly better than going by the sprites...or someone else's interpretation of 'em.
  12. Baron

    I just got my 11 year old brother to play

    When I was 11 I was tearing* through Wolf3d on Bring 'em on...on a 286 while baffled as to why Doom shareware wouldn't run on it. *(only if played on the smallest screen size!)
  13. Baron

    E3M2 is NOT Leather Rebel!

    I always thought E3M2's "Donna to the Rescue" was based on "Body Count's in the House"...or the beginning of it anyway. Although it's a simple riff and could just be a coincidence, it sounds almost identical. It's even in the same key and the tempo is very close. It would've been fairly recent at the time, but is definitely possible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4GAXzWf5ag However, the unused E3M2 that was in the midi pack Romero uploaded is indeed clearly based on "Outshined". Here's the link to said unreleased midis: http://planetromero.com/rome.ro/media/doom_unreleased_music.zip
  14. That's the exact setup I use...! heh
  15. That's pretty much everyday for me. I find the fact that if I react to it as though it's a big deal is unusual morseso than the thing itself. It used to really freak me out...but it's been consistently happening since I was 11. so...12 years, heh. Oh! and also the mirror bit. EDIT: Wait...how the hell is it possible this reply is showing up BEFORE what he actually said it?! (Oh, timezone-related or such I guess)