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  1. basje

    Zandronum graphic settings

    Thx Shepardus , that helped ! :)
  2. basje

    Zandronum graphic settings

    Hi people , Have used the search option , but didnt find it. So , I thought I'd ask the real DOOM nerds right away. What Zandronum graphic settings must be enabled / disabled to get as close as possible to the original game ? Im already running on software mode 640x480 resolution and no texture filtering , but there are still options about lightning , shaders , resize etc. Thats why im asking , i want it to run as close as possible graphics wise to the original game. I know you people can tell me. :D Thx , Basje
  3. basje

    How ?

    Ok thx Dragonfly & TheNoob_Gamer.
  4. basje

    How ?

    Ok thx that worked ! ! ! (prboom-plus -file instead of my first try prboom+-plus -file) Not all wads work , but at least it loads some other wads now. Have another question now...... How can i get into the console ? Cant change it in the key options. There is no ¨go to the console¨ option as in Zandronum for example.... Because i started to make maps with the eureka editor , and then the console is very handy. :)
  5. basje

    Multiplayer map editor?

    You can already do this online with multiple players in the FPS game Cube2 Sauerbraten. Would be cool in DOOM if possible.
  6. basje

    How ?

    Hi there ! New player on a old game. :) greetings to all from The Netherlands Im running Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa 32 bit OS on a Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E4700 @ 2.60GHz × 2 machine , 6 GB memory. I have ZDaemon and Zandronum running in WINE. So far no problems. But i have also installed PrBoom+ , but this one is native on Linux. It runs , but i can´t run any other .wads with that ? I type the wad name in the options menu , and placed the wads in the prboom+ folder but it wont load any of them , only the default wad. Anyone has the solution how to get it to work ? Thx