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  1. BedrockCastle

    Hell Revealed

    Does not hold up very well and will make you contemplate cheating just to get rid of all the Barons of Hell but is a classic piece of Doom mapping history. My biggest influence whenever I'm working on a WAD is certainly this. Highly worth trying out if you like shotgunning Barons.
  2. BedrockCastle


    Only one bad map out of the whole MegaWAD, other than that Scythe is absolutely perfect. Quick and fun, yet challenging maps to speed through. Easy 5/5.
  3. BedrockCastle


    lagged on my 3060 Ti, 5/5 perfect Romero-approved WAD Seriously though, it's an interesting piece of Doom history but honestly serves no purpose other than pure ridiculousness. And I like that sort of thing. 3/5