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Everything posted by BedrockCastle

  1. BedrockCastle

    List of wads that i need to complete

    I have a lot. - Alien Vendetta - Ancient Aliens - Back to Saturn X Episode 1 - Combat Shock - Plutonia Experiment - Speed of Doom - Stardate 20X6 - Valiant
  2. Scythe, Hell Revealed, and Alien Vendetta are always my go-tos for this kind of question.
  3. BedrockCastle

    what's your favorite type of doom level

    Small tech base maps. Like Knee Deep in the Dead but harder. I also enjoy hell themed maps and slaughterfests
  4. BedrockCastle

    Most Satisfying Enemy to Kill.

    You cannot beat that Arch-vile death. Hearing that sound causes my brain to release dopamine.
  5. BedrockCastle

    what resolution do you play doom on

    Depends what port I'm using. Crispy Doom? 4:3. PrBoom+? 16:9.
  6. BedrockCastle

    Your most beautiful construction, or of which you are most proud

    Best thing I've ever seen in Doom? Scythe 2 MAP27, Afterlife 2 Everything about that map is perfect. The visuals, the music, the length, the difficulty. Everything. Truly feels like the apex of Scythe 2, it's all downhill from there. Erik Alm is a master.
  7. As roadworx said, strafing was certainly a very common practice even back in '94. I mean, sure, if it's your first time facing the Cyberdemon I suppose it makes sense to get decimated once or twice, but after that, you learn to just press Alt.
  8. BedrockCastle

    Saltiest Doom moment that you recall?

    First time through the city levels in Doom 2. This was before I knew about IDCLEV. I stopped playing Doom for like 2 months during my attempt of Industrial Zone. Nowadays I just noclip through it, because I don't have the patience for that shit.
  9. Scythe (2003). In terms of visual design it's just like vanilla Doom but the gameplay still holds up well. Scythe 2 (2005) is far better when it comes to the visuals and has more features like a DeHackEd patch and much harder maps, some people even compare it to Sunlust when it comes to the difficulty.
  10. BedrockCastle

    Some of the best wads you've played?

    Scythe, Ancient Aliens, Valiant are some of my current favorites. Scythe is far easier than the other ones, and the first 20 maps of Scythe feel very similar to regular old classic Doom, which I adore.
  11. BedrockCastle

    Best source port for just wads?

    PrBoom+ is the one I prefer, although you'll need to do some more setting up than is required with GZDoom. This includes making (simple) batch files or learning how to use the command line.
  12. BedrockCastle

    Maps made worse by their music

    The Gantlet from Doom 2. Countdown to Death is ridiculously annoying. I always just turn it down and play some Shawn's Got The Shotgun or I Sawed the Demons. Nirvana has this track too but that map is way worse than The Gantlet so the music fits.
  13. BedrockCastle

    Which WAD are you Currently Playing ? - Plans for NEXT WADS?

    I'm playing a lot of WADs right now: Speed of Doom (HMP), Stardate 20X6 (ITYTD), Plutonia (UV), Ancient Aliens (HNTR -fast), Scythe 2 (ITYTD), Valiant (ITYTD -fast), and Rush (ITYTD). I'm planning on playing: Hell Revealed 1 and 2 (HNTR), Sunlust (ITYTD), Going Down (HNTR), Eviternity (HNTR), and Plutonia 2 (HMP).
  14. BedrockCastle

    What Is The Largest Map In DOOM 2?

    I feel like MAP15 and MAP10 are the largest in terms of size, while MAP13 and MAP29 take me the longest.
  15. The Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind are really underwhelming in every instance of their existence in both Ultimate Doom and Doom 2. They're all ridiculously easy to dispose of. The enemies are hard to fight in theory, but their placement in all the levels is just not a challenge, even on UV.
  16. BedrockCastle

    Hardest doom map/wad ever?

    I haven't played too many hard ones but Scythe 2's later maps (22-30) were always a pain in the ass, even on ITYTD. Out of those, it's probably MAP27 or MAP29 in my opinion.
  17. BedrockCastle

    No Chance

    One of the best slaughterfests I've ever played. Hard as Hell but absolutely amazing. The visuals are great, the gameplay is exciting, and the music is a perfect fit. Relatively short as well. My only gripes are the thin bridge area with all the Mancubi and Imps attacking you and the extreme amounts of Arch-vile spam in the blue key section. Play this WAD. Now.
  18. BedrockCastle

    Hell Revealed

    Does not hold up very well and will make you contemplate cheating just to get rid of all the Barons of Hell but is a classic piece of Doom mapping history. My biggest influence whenever I'm working on a WAD is certainly this. Highly worth trying out if you like shotgunning Barons.
  19. BedrockCastle


    Only one bad map out of the whole MegaWAD, other than that Scythe is absolutely perfect. Quick and fun, yet challenging maps to speed through. Easy 5/5.
  20. BedrockCastle


    lagged on my 3060 Ti, 5/5 perfect Romero-approved WAD Seriously though, it's an interesting piece of Doom history but honestly serves no purpose other than pure ridiculousness. And I like that sort of thing. 3/5 Edit: I'm now realizing it was lagging because I used GZDoom. This is a true Kappa moment.