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  1. BedrockCastle

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    That is accurate. I should have said "near-perfect" or something of that sort.
  2. BedrockCastle

    The most annoying doom enemy

    Pain Elementals. Fuck those bastards. Figuratively.
  3. BedrockCastle

    Broadening my Doom horizons

    Well, I'll answer the first one. My first exposure to Plutonia was... not good. I had just finished Doom 1 and thought: "hey, this seems cool and I don't want to start Doom 2 yet for some reason, so I'll try this!" I got my ass whooped in MAP01 but persisted, until that stupid invisible bridge sequence towards the end of MAP02. I didn't return to Plutonia for a while, but I begrudgingly went back to it and enjoyed the shit out of it.
  4. BedrockCastle

    Music you listen to when mapping

    2Pac, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, etc etc. Classic rap, mostly west coast stuff. Not much of my playlist was made in the new millennium.
  5. BedrockCastle

    Is there a good way to organize your Doom folder?

    I have two main folders: Source ports and mods. The mods folder has all my WADs and PK3s. The source ports folder has... low-quality JPEGs of cheddar cheese. In the source ports folder, I have more folders for each port I use. I have a couple extra folders, the first containing my Doom WAD-making software, and the second containing all that awesome beta content that John Romero released.
  6. BedrockCastle

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    PrBoom+. It can run almost everything I care to play (I never really got into those WADs that are exclusive to other source ports, except Heartland), and it does so with perfect accuracy to classic Doom. It also runs well, which I can't say for ports like GZDoom. Seriously, GZ had a stroke when I tried to play Eviternity MAP16 on a pretty high end PC. GZDoom used to be my port of choice, but when it shat itself and died upon my attempt to play Holy Hell, I made the switch. I used to use Crispy Doom as well, until they removed quicksave confirmation.
  7. BedrockCastle

    How'd you get into Doom, anyway?

    Well, I wasn't allowed to play Call of Duty, or Half-Life, or any of the other shooters except for Halo CE, but I thought that Doom was old and the graphics weren't realistic which meant I would be allowed to play it. After a bit of "negotiating", I was allowed to play Doom.
  8. BedrockCastle

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    Not including the original DOS version or the Unity port, that would be GZDoom. After a few months, I switched over to PrBoom+ because GZDoom couldn't run big maps like Holy Hell.
  9. BedrockCastle

    What are you playing now?

    I've been playing through Cosmogenesis. It's a ridiculously hard and long slaughtermap, but it's a lot of fun. I started Plutonia 2 a few weeks back. My second playthrough of Rowdy Rudy 2: POWERTRIP! began about two months ago. I've been taking it slowly, though. I've started working my way through Rush and Slaughterfest 2012. I beat Revenant Battlefield, and it was pretty fun. There was some lag on PrBoom+ which is rare, but I think it's understandable when there are thousands of revenant missiles on screen at once. I'm almost done with my second playthrough of Micro-Slaughter Community Project. In case you couldn't tell, I like slaughter maps. A lot.
  10. BedrockCastle

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    John Romero sued Satan because Satan decided to steal the idea of Hell from him.
  11. Hell Revealed MAP31: The Descent is ultra-underrated. It's flawed to be sure, but I still think it's pretty fun.
  12. BedrockCastle

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Inferno is trash through-and-through. I can think of two maps that are even okay, those being E3M2 and E3M6. It's the worst episode in Ultimate Doom by a long shot. Doom 2 and TNT are full of boring levels that make me feel nothing but apathy. There's some pretty good maps, but most of them are extremely "meh". Go 2 It is not the hardest level in Plutonia. I honestly think that honor goes to MAP27 or even MAP15. Maybe that's just because I've played it so many damn times, though. Odyssey of Noises is ridiculously overrated. It's decent, and a hell of a lot better than Downtown, but it suffers from quite a few of the same problems. Scythe is, in hindsight, pretty mediocre. It was certainly an important WAD, but it's definitely not great. I like some of the maps, like the last 5 or so, and there are a few gems sprinkled throughout the mediocrity, but overall it's just kind of okay. Back to Saturn X Episode 2 is far worse than Episode 1. I still think E2 is great but it doesn't really hit the spot for me as E1 does.
  13. Upon upgrading my Crispy Doom to 5.11.1 from 5.10.1, pressing the quicksave button no longer causes a confirmation popup saying "Quicksave over your game named '[savename]?' Press Y or N." I've checked crispy-doom-setup.exe and the Crispness menu, and I can't find an option to re-enable it. How would I go about fixing this?
  14. BedrockCastle

    Crispy Doom quicksave confirmation issue?

    That's a shame. I guess I'll go back to a previous build.
  15. BedrockCastle

    Crispy Doom quicksave confirmation issue?

    Is there any way to re-enable it?
  16. BedrockCastle

    Joke Question: Doom AI or COD AI

    ninceraft ai
  17. BedrockCastle

    List of wads that i need to complete

    I have a lot. - Alien Vendetta - Ancient Aliens - Back to Saturn X Episode 1 - Combat Shock - Plutonia Experiment - Speed of Doom - Stardate 20X6 - Valiant
  18. Scythe, Hell Revealed, and Alien Vendetta are always my go-tos for this kind of question.
  19. BedrockCastle

    what's your favorite type of doom level

    Small tech base maps. Like Knee Deep in the Dead but harder. I also enjoy hell themed maps and slaughterfests
  20. BedrockCastle

    Most Satisfying Enemy to Kill.

    You cannot beat that Arch-vile death. Hearing that sound causes my brain to release dopamine.
  21. BedrockCastle

    what resolution do you play doom on

    Depends what port I'm using. Crispy Doom? 4:3. PrBoom+? 16:9.
  22. BedrockCastle

    Your most beautiful construction, or of which you are most proud

    Best thing I've ever seen in Doom? Scythe 2 MAP27, Afterlife 2 Everything about that map is perfect. The visuals, the music, the length, the difficulty. Everything. Truly feels like the apex of Scythe 2, it's all downhill from there. Erik Alm is a master.
  23. BedrockCastle

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    As roadworx said, strafing was certainly a very common practice even back in '94. I mean, sure, if it's your first time facing the Cyberdemon I suppose it makes sense to get decimated once or twice, but after that, you learn to just press Alt.
  24. BedrockCastle

    Saltiest Doom moment that you recall?

    First time through the city levels in Doom 2. This was before I knew about IDCLEV. I stopped playing Doom for like 2 months during my attempt of Industrial Zone. Nowadays I just noclip through it, because I don't have the patience for that shit.
  25. Scythe (2003). In terms of visual design it's just like vanilla Doom but the gameplay still holds up well. Scythe 2 (2005) is far better when it comes to the visuals and has more features like a DeHackEd patch and much harder maps, some people even compare it to Sunlust when it comes to the difficulty.