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  1. azerty

    RAMP 2022 - Another community+ project

    Just make one and post one.
  2. Here this should do it. Neck deep in the dead.zip
  3. Ok here it is. Sorry for doing it so late I totally forgot. Neck deep in the dead.zip
  4. azerty

    Brain Dead- My latest UDMF map!

    Smal update: - Teleporter fixed - Softlocks in Massacre difficultie removed - Secrets in Massacre are not health potions instead of just being removed
  5. ooh yeah right I totally forgot about that sorry. I'll do that now.
  6. I already uploaded it a long time ago but here it is again. Neck deep in the dead.zip
  7. azerty

    RAMP 2022 - Another community+ project

    Can't wait to see what you will come up with :)
  8. Death exit added and a lot more difference between the difficulties: Blasphemy.zip
  9. azerty

    Exodus- Single-map!

    Should be fixed now ty for reporting that :)
  10. azerty

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    Machete kills. But idk if that counts. I found it to be so bad that after a while I started enjoying it.
  11. azerty

    What are your favorite type of maps?

    For me the best kind of map is a combination of survival and exploration maps. That's what I try to make when I make my own maps and I really enjoy playing that kind of maps by others. The joy of exploration mixed in with the fear of not having enough resources to get thu the map. What a lovely combination.
  12. Another banger. Well done, this one was a bit shorter but I didn't mind. My time was well spent :) Let me know when more is ready or if you want me to do some pre release playtesting. I'd like to help in the development of this awesome map set.
  13. azerty

    RAMP 2022 - Another community+ project

    I know that. I played it and there weren't any monsters or an exitso no worries. I'll play it when I see that it's finished.
  14. azerty

    RAMP 2022 - Another community+ project

    I'm gonne post my videos playlist here for whoever is interested. I'm planning on playing all of the ramp submissions so watch along if you want :). Just know that a lot of these are still WIP's so it's probably going to be different in the final release.
  15. Ofcourse they are. Jokes aside I'm gonne give this a go ASAP. It might take some time because there is a lot going on atm but I'll do my best.