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  1. Pretty good stuff, don't have really that much to say but I hope the video helps
  2. azerty

    Need tips and advice

    I can't really give you some concrete advice but I can tell you what I do. I either already have an idea of what I want want my fight to look like and then create my room around that idea or I just create a random room and find an interesting encounter in the room I just build. If I create my room before my encounter I usually change some stuff around to make the room flow better in combat. What I'm trying to say here is that I find monsters and environment working together pretty important. The room itself can make a certain monster way more powerful or scarier just because of how it's build and layed out. As for items, I tend to just look at the monsters I use, what weapons the player has and how easy the player is able to shoot the monsters with those weapons. Then I test the room like a thousand times and make small changes if I think it's needed. I don't really recommend this method but like I said that's how I do it. Just make more maps and post them here on DW. I was like you at first I didn't dare to post my maps as I was scared of what people were going to say but when I eventually did I was surprised at how my maps were actually liked by people and if they weren't they were very constructive about it. They told me why and even gave some suggestions and I became a better mapper because of it. I hope this was helpful :)
  3. Thank you for playing @thelamp :)
  4. I just played through the first four and it was very fun. You always seem to retain the simplicity of vanilla levels but still make them look great idk how you do it. I found a missing texture map 4. If at the start you do to your left and fall into the mud pit taking the elevator reveals this here: You might want to fix that.
  5. I'm gonna start playing these today and just by reading what's been said here it's probably going to be very good.
  6. azerty


    Yeah sure if you want to
  7. azerty


    Pretty fun little map. I found a softlock though at the start that you might want to fix.
  8. Like Bri0che said it's a matter of personal taste. I personally began with DB as it's way simpler and doesn't have all these confusing extra options you wont need as a beginner. I only stepped over to UDB when I started getting the hang of mapping and playing around with UDMF.
  9. Well that was actually surprisingly good. I was expecting some weird and wacky map but this was really good. I know it has already been said in the thread but this aged very well. Here is the video. I had no problems except for a ammo shortage at the end but like you said it's a challenging map. The thumbnail is beautiful as well haha :)
  10. azerty

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    You can keep me as is
  11. Sorry I probably uploaded the wrong version. It should be good now I uploaded the version you sent on discord. Sorry for the delay tho. Life has been pretty weird lately. I noticed weird things happened when @Clippy played in my part so I'll try to fix that today as well. Idk what caused these random textures to shift but I'll fix it.
  12. No problem I'll update the post right away.
  13. I made a small update that fixes a couple of small bugs.
  14. Haha my bad. Should be fixed now.
  15. Hi everyone the NilsQuilt is back with a new little project called Copied Corners. Everyone had to make a part of the map like last time. But it all had to fit in a certain shape so we had to be creative with how to use the space we had. We were all free to scale up or down the shape as much as we wanted but it still had to keep it's shape. To at least keep the map a bit coherent I set a theme the map should be built around. The map needed to look like hell got infested by technologie instead of the usual opposite. I think it worked out great and I'm proud of what we made. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. Any feedback, notes or videos are greatly apreciated. This probably isn't the last version. If we find stuff that needs fixing we will do that ASAP. Info: - Compatibility: Boom - IWAD: DOOM2 - Map: MAP01 - Jump/crouch: No (disabled in MAPINFO) - Difficulties: Yes - Coop: Yes (not tested) - Deathmatch: No >>Download<< Credits: Mappers: - @azerty (= NilsQ): Red - @A Handsome Fridge: Yellow - @SuyaSS: Blue - @UAC guy: Green - @LordEntr0py: Purple - @epicyolomaster420: Grey Thank you guys for participating <3 It was a pretty slow development but we got through it. You guys are awesome! Who made what?: Textures: 32in24 tex Music: Icarus MAP03 I am probably going to do more of these projects so if you would like to join in you are always welcome in my Discord server: https://discord.gg/zbKh8GRMBZ Screenshots: