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  1. finnw

    The People's Doom

    I see an obviously-inaccurate claim in the first paragraph on the website, so I'm not too optimistic... Edit Realised this was probably written before Steam or GoG existed. Still could use an update though
  2. finnw

    Things about Doom you just found out

    If the switch was locked then I think it would count. (But instead the switch is behind a locked door.) I don't think Doom (or any port) has a built-in special to lower floors from a locked switch.
  3. finnw

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I learned about fake contrast today. I did notice that the lighting in rounded corners of rectangular rooms wasn't as smooth (in vanilla Doom) as I would have liked. But I didn't realise before that it was designed that way. I assumed it was a rounding error or something.
  4. finnw

    Seinfeld.wad - Jerry's Apartment: A DOOM II .wad!

    As far as I can tell, the only thing older versions of gzdoom don't like about this WAD is the high spawn IDs. And these are arbitrary and not referenced in the script. So it should be safe to reduce their range. This version runs in gzDoom 1.8.
  5. finnw

    Seinfeld.wad - Jerry's Apartment: A DOOM II .wad!

    Probably, but a lot of us don't have GPUs capable of running the latest version.
  6. finnw

    Guess that game!

    Quite a few games this could apply to. I'll go with Starcraft.
  7. finnw

    Chocolate Doom

    Yes, you use that iwad with "-file tnt31.wad" (which replaces that map with the fixed version.)
  8. finnw

    Chocolate Doom

    The missing yellow key bug? IIRC id TeamTNT released a PWAD as a fix for that. It would make sense for Chocolate Doom to require the same PWAD file that vanilla does. EDIT: here here.
  9. You mean weapons/berzerks that get auto-selected? Or something else?
  10. finnw

    Congrats DoomWiki

    It depends. When you click on a search result, google tracks whether you stay there or hit "back" to return to the search results. If the latter, it assumes the first click was not the one you wanted. So what you definitely do not want to do is: Search for your keywords (without including any "site:" directives) See a Wikia link at the top. Click it. Decide you would rather see a similar page on doomwiki.org. Edit the URL in your address bar to change the site. The problem with that is, Google can no longer see the tab. All it knows is that you clicked a Wikia link and did not return to the search results, so score +1 for Wikia. Instead, if Wikia is on page 1 and doomwiki is not, edit the search field and add "site:doomwiki.org" Disclaimer: I heard about this in a stackoverflow podcast about 5 years ago. It may not be accurate or up-to-date.
  11. That fixed it, thanks!
  12. Thanks. Yes, I think that's it. I have up to 15 linedefs visible from the same portal (not in a tunnel, but on the edges of stairs.) And I can see the "Refused to render portal" message in the console. It was the latest one I found on http://devbuilds.drdteam.org/eternity/, which is r3.40.46-508, but yes I can see that is from before the limit increase. Windows.
  13. Hi. I'm trying to build a map that takes advantage of Eternity's linked portals. What I have is a square pit with a 2-level building in the middle and a ledge around the outside (and steps in the pit leading up to the ledge.) I see HOM only when I look all the way across the pit, when the line of sight crosses 2 or 3 portals. (And not always. It can be affected by which way you are facing.) Is this a known limitation, or have I made another dumb mistake somewhere? Any advice would be appreciated Thanks! http://s000.tinyupload.com/download.php?file_id=46714425046882498158&t=4671442504688249815870387
  14. finnw

    Levels only you loved

    Here's another vote for E4M2. I really like the way it appears linear at first but there are actually a huge number of possible strategies. Also E2M9, MAP08, MAP16, MAP27
  15. finnw

    Joypad and Gzdoom

    Not quite. The program needs to split it into triangles first.