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  1. I may have got the solution! I've recently been experimenting with Dehacked and I tried to make some evil marines like in Scythe 2 replacing the wolf ss. I got the same problem and the marines would just walk toward me. After that, in my map editor (Ultimate Doom Builder), I realised the marines wouldn't react even if i was right in front of them without firing a shot (they weren't in ambush mode). I don't know if this will work, but when you put the Dehacked lump inside the wad, close Slade, go to the editor, remove the modified monsters if you have already placed them, and place them again. After that, the custom monsters started attacking me as they should. I hope this works for you too! EDIT: tried messing around with this, sadly, this seems to be a temporary solution. If I close the editor and boot the map again, there's still a chance my custom enemies won't attack, I'm still looking into it. EDIT 2: I changed the level geometry to see if that had something to do with the problem, it looks like it does. I don't even know how this solves anything, but it still kinda works no matter how many times i boot the map again. I truly don't understand but I hope changing your testing map geometry works.