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  1. @letshugbro it's nice to see you here. I've been following the progress of your wad on Twitter for a while now. Do you think, due to how much media attention your wad is getting, we might see political wads by other people be made and how would you feel about this?
  2. Perhaps we, as a community, could create headline-generating content ourselves which could, in turn, allow us to platform this community? I'm quite keen on developing wads myself with political satire similar to Darren Cullen of spellingmistakescostlives.
  3. be the change you want to see in the world <3
  4. The political nature of the wad lends itself to both a wider audience and news outlets. I can see why it has gotten traction compared to most of the wads you see here. I hope this doesn't come off as me disparaging the mod, because I am excited to play it, but the most technically and visually impressive mods probably struggle to reach beyond this community because those who do not play a wide range of wads don't necessarily appreciate the difficulty of making them. It is the theme of Thatcher's Techbase that allows more people to be interested. Honk if Thatcher's dead.
  5. FreazyWarr

    Simple map for the first Doom (simplemap.wad)

    If all else fails, you could always directly tell the player when they touch the door.
  6. FreazyWarr

    IMPROV.WAD - My First Doom 2 Map

    For a first map, this is frankly incredible. You really went beyond what most people publish for their first map. The flying intro felt nicely done and established a lighthearted tone which I think went well with the music and map theme. 'Sure, we're fighting demons from hell, but let's enjoy the adventure!' The way the map changes, once you've gone around it once, was really nicely done. However, when travelling around the map the first time I kept mistaking these 'trap walls' for potential secrets on the automap. Maybe these linedefs could be marked as one-sided? I had a lot of fun playing this wad and am excited to see what you might make in the future.
  7. FreazyWarr

    Bloody Bricks - Singleplayer Doom2 map

    I had a go at this on Slaughter difficulty and moved down to Normal after being overwhelmed in the first large room. That Cyberdemon and Archvile combo are a tough match and I'd love to see someone actually completing this level on that difficulty. Moving down to Normal I found I could cheese the Blue Skull by gently shooting the Baron so he would step away from it, thus skipping the first room remembering to grab the Super Shotgun. When I got to the second room I wasn't sure what to do so I killed everything there was. It wasn't until I opened the automap that I realised there was a tunnel on the far side behind a walkable wall. Maybe this could be taught to the player at the start of the map? I like the use of that moving trapped souls texture being something I could walk through, though I anticipated a third large room on the other side of the tunnel. Overall I really liked the aesthetic, I personally struggle using Hellish textures so seeing how well everything fit together here was pleasing to the eye. I think I most enjoyed the item placement of the health and ammo in the second room. Having to weave around projectiles whilst constantly attempting to get more shotgun ammo felt really fun.
  8. FreazyWarr

    Aquam 2 - Remake

    That's exactly what I thought was causing it! I hope you don't mind but I've actually started dissecting your map to see how everything works and also to try and fix that bug. It's an interesting map and there are quite a few things about it I think I can learn from.
  9. FreazyWarr

    Aquam 2 - Remake

    I think I may have encountered a bug in the map. After reading the journal entry inside the room with all of the Baron's I was stuck, unable to exit and return to the game. I assume 'E' is the correct key to get out of it, as that was the key I used on the journal in the first area. The specific journal begins with... 'In order for a Baron to be able to be converted...'. I think I know what's caused the bug, so I'm going to restart the map and see if I can replicate the issue elsewhere. From what I've seen so far it's a really cool map and I'm excited to play the rest of it.