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  1. FreazyWarr

    The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King.

    No gods, no masters
  2. FreazyWarr

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A wax statue of the Emporer at a knock-off Madame Tussauds.
  3. FreazyWarr

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    £3 meal deal from Tesco. White Monster Energy drink, Vegan All Day English Breakfast sandwich, and Prawn Cocktail crisps. Simply as.
  4. FreazyWarr

    what is happening in your dreams?

    I dreamed I worked in a book store and had my own place to live. For a few moments, I was happy.
  5. FreazyWarr

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    POV: you stared at the sun
  6. FreazyWarr

    some old undervalued wads to play?

    I enjoyed Trinity (I played the version for Doom 2) for being one of the earliest wads to use custom textures made of photo imagery, as well as being one of the first wads based on a real place. It was made by some Cambridge Uni students so in some ways it's just a 'MyHouse.wad' but it is still worth checking out. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/university/trinity2
  7. FreazyWarr

    My First Wad (Lab Raid)

    It might be worth having a look at this.
  8. It warms me to see people enjoy my map. It's given me the motivation to make more levels. I really enjoyed watching your demo! You play very cautiously, so I was worried that some of the scripts might not have worked. I'm pleased to see they did. When you edged the door of the Hell Knight room, a part of me hoped they would follow you out. It would have made the Archvile spawn much harder. I might add a door to the final boss fight that blocks the player into the arena after they enter. Those two clogged Cyberdemons looked like a slog to fight. Thank you very much! I'm not the best Doom player so I tend to put health based on my lack of skill. Maybe I should follow a 'remove 10% of health pickups' rule when mapping. I really appreciate the video. I loved watching the thought process in your movements when you solved the secret two-switches puzzle. I genuinely laughed watching you pick off the three Cyberdemons and the Spiderdemon. Thank you so much! I think a good 40% of my time was spent choosing and aligning textures, so I'm glad it was worth it. Ah! Yes, you're right. The worst part is I spotted this before publishing the map but forgot to fix it. I've uploaded a fixed version now. Thank you very much!
  9. Hello everyone, Freazy Boom is a project I've been slowly working on since December 2021. I completed this first map for this wad back in January, and I have made significant development on the second and third. I'm hoping to develop nine maps in total, but I am discouraged by how long it is taking. As such, I'm releasing the first map in the hopes that it might encourage me to continue working on it. This wad requires Doom 2 and PrBoom+ at complevel 9. I'm sure it will also work on other source ports that support voodoo dolls and conveyer belts. Don't use freelook, crouching, or jumping. I recommend playing in a 4:3 aspect ratio such as 1280x960. I do not recommend loading this alongside other mods. I use the MAP01 music so feel free to turn the music off in the options and listen to something else. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. Download: FRZYBOOM.zip Name: Freazy Boom Map Format: Boom (-complevel 9) Ports Tested: PrBoom+ IWAD: Doom 2 Maps: MAP01 Gameplay: Singleplayer Difficulty Settings: ITYTD, HNTR, HMP, UV, and Nightmare FRZYBOOM.txt Known Bugs Screenshots
  10. Hello everyone, This project is something I have been sporadically working on for the last few months. It recreates the first two levels of 'Knee-Deep in the Dead' with various GZDoom mechanics in mind. It started as a way for me to study the first episode but quickly became something that allowed me to practice using the more advanced features in GZDoom. This wad requires Doom 2 and GZDoom. Doom 2 is necessary for its monsters. Because this project is an incomplete learning exercise, I haven't added any difficulties easier than Ultra-Violence. Though I did study the original Doom map, nothing was copied over. Everything in this wad was made from scratch. It has new secrets, monsters and weapons from Doom 2, but is still recognizable as being based on E1M1 and E1M2. Download: GZFREAZY.zip Name: Freazy's Ultimate Doom Recreation for GZDoom v0.1 Map Format: UDMF Ports Tested: GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2 Maps: E1M1, E1M2 Gameplay: Singleplayer Difficulty Settings: No Monsters, Ultra-Violence, Nightmare Requirements: Jumping, crouching, and freelook. You can find more information about this wad on my website: https://www.freazywarr.com/wads/GZFREAZY.html Things I Learnt Making This Screenshots More Screenshots
  11. FreazyWarr

    These voxelized Doom sprites are incredible

    I've seen a few attempts at making 3D models for Doom and they always look slightly off because their definition tends to be too good compared to their environment. Voxels seem like the perfect solution to this. It's incredible how these models are almost indistinguishable from the 2D sprites when viewed at 90-degree angles.
  12. FreazyWarr

    The Library - UDMF Atmospheric Map

    I love this so much. There's a certain quaintness to the architecture possible in GZDoom, which lends itself well in your map. I think the small size of the map makes it enjoyable as this is very much an example of quality over quantity. If you go on from here, I would love to see what else you create. As someone who struggles to make interesting combat scenarios, but loves making architecture, seeing maps like this is inspirational. Would you ever be interested in creating a narrative based walking sim? I think there's a lot of potential for that genre in this engine, but creating a story can often be just as difficult as mapping. I'm excited to see what else you make.
  13. So long as the player ends up having fun then surely that makes it good? Even if the gameplay isn't the most innovative, the head-on satire has the potential to make it really enjoyable. I recently played TRINITY.wad and SJC.wad, and whilst the gameplay wasn't amazing in either of them being able to explore Trinity College and St John's College, seeing all of the details put in by the map maker, was. I'm fairly new to this community but I've noticed so much focus on just core gameplay and design that wads like TRINITY, SJC, and Thatcher's Techbase feel almost avant-garde.
  14. @letshugbro it's nice to see you here. I've been following the progress of your wad on Twitter for a while now. Do you think, due to how much media attention your wad is getting, we might see political wads by other people be made and how would you feel about this?
  15. Perhaps we, as a community, could create headline-generating content ourselves which could, in turn, allow us to platform this community? I'm quite keen on developing wads myself with political satire similar to Darren Cullen of spellingmistakescostlives.