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Status Updates posted by Terra-jin

  1. I've finally managed to complete map24 of Hell Revealed at UV -fast MAX. It's one of those monstrous, seemingly impossible maps, but I've done it! Yay!
    The map has four causeways that have yet to be raised, leading to next parts of the level. This is how I did it:

    When the center platform is raised, grab the weapons, press the switch to raise causeway #1 and jump off. There's plenty of rad-suits in the blood, which allow you to finish off incoming enemies and the ones guarding the first causeway. Once it's safe enough, pick up an invulnerability (one of two available) and go to the teleporter that takes you to the cliff with all the Demons. You'll need the invul to survive the three Archies you meet there.

    From there, kill all the monsters guarding the blue key and work your way up to the end of the walkway/cliff. You can now return to the center of the map, but you'll have run to the other teleporter of the first causeway. The monsters at that destination should be dead, but once you grab the blue key more monsters warp in. Quickly escape the platform, return to the center and return to the first teleporter (the walkway/cliff) for a safe spot.

    You can now destroy the Revenants at the blue key platform and open the blue door. Destroy the Cyber and press the switch. The second causeway should now be raised. Pain Elementals will emerge, so find a safe spot and kill them before entering the second causeway. At the end of causeway 2, a small room with some Imps, two Spiders and eight Archies. It also contains the red key.

    With the red key, you can raise the third causeway with a switch in a platform. To reach this platform, use the teleporter near the blue door. Everything should be dead there already, but this depends on your playing style. Down the third causeway, a bridge full of archies and a cyber stands in the way. After they're dead, press the switch at the end for the fourth causeway.

    The final platform has Arachnotrons, Cybers and a lot of Imps. Most of these should be dead already. Also, an army of Barons and a second wave of Pain Elementals will warp in. After they are desroyed, you can exit the level.

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    2. Fredrik


      It's the hardest map in HR.


    3. Coopersville


      myk said:

      Well, congrats!

      Year, right.

      Yeah, I know-- It's just my half-assed attempt at trolling :P

      AndrewB said:

      Uh not me. Why would I strive for UV max of that particular map of that particular megawad?

      So you can blog about it, I'd imagine.

    4. Terra-jin


      Well I wanted to do it because I long thought it would be impossible. I've done almost all AV and HR maps, so I guess now I'm pretty good. Not as good as those DOOM gods at Compet-N, but still.
      I've never done anything at Nightmare, so I'll try that next.

  2. Hello people.

    Up until not too long ago, I always believed in the 'material' world. With this I mean the common Western understanding that focuses on science and mostly rejects spiritual views.

    However, a friend of mine, whom I trust, told me that he sees 'ghosts', much like in "The Sixth Sense". He said that these ghosts are indeed deceased people, and that they walk amongst us the whole time.

    I knew that I could trust my friend, so that left me with just two viable options. Either he has some kind of disorder that causes him to see things, or it's all real. After that, I did some research, and apparently he's not the only one. I've met another person with the same 'ability', and I've read several articles about the whole thing.

    It shook my old views and understandings of the world apart, and since then I've been very interested in the Metaphysical. The reason why I'm posting this is that I'd really like to hear your experiences on the matter.

    So far, most people who I talked with about this subject didn't take me seriously, but please consider that the only proof I have is that I can trust the person who told me about this at first.

    If you're interested in this subject, I recommend worlditc.org, a website that claims to practice in communication technology between both 'worlds'. There are several valuable articles that helped me form a new understanding of the world around us.

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    2. myk


      Terra-jin said:
      However, a friend of mine, whom I trust, told me that he sees 'ghosts', much like in "The Sixth Sense". He said that these ghosts are indeed deceased people, and that they walk amongst us the whole time.

      Perhaps your friend has such a "higher state of mind" (in relation to you) that he's inducing you to believe (trust) him? Would you be the first person to believe something which someone claims, but which is not true? Haven't you ever overheard someone being called "honest" when all glimpses at this person's behavior showed otherwise? Perhaps an instance where for some reason from their perspective he seemed honest while you could see he wasn't really so?

      I'm not saying his exteriorized or projected metaphors might not have their particular value, but...

    3. Bucket


      myk said:

      I'm not saying his exteriorized or projected metaphors might not have their particular value, but...

      Indeed, things such as "trust" and "faith" are things to be valued.


      I'm sure you meant that unless things are experienced for yourself, and interpreted, made reasonable by your own critical process-- there really is no reason to take another's word as gospel. Beliefs can only be motivation for a cause, though, and shouldn't hold precedence.

      If someone believed in anything supernatural(or intangible even, which is hard not to do), and only thought of it as meaningless trivia, well... I don't see the point in it.

    4. GS-1719


      Ibn Al-Arabi's 'Metaphysics of Imagination ' is a very interesting book which I'm reading at the moment.

  3. For my eighteenth birthday, I got a tandem-jump from my parents. A tandem-jump is a jump in which you're 'attached' to an experienced sky-diver, who does all the actions 1.e. opening the parachute and controlling its flight. I made the tandem-jump on Airport Hilversum in Holland.

    And let me tell you - it was an indescribable kick! The whole routine was extreme, the briefing on the ground, the preperation, and the moment at which the airplane's 'gate' was opened... We had to sit at the edge of the airplane, and before I knew it, my tandem-master pushed us out! It was exhilarating!

    Since then, I wanted to become a professional sky-diver. I'm applying for a Static-Line course for the summer. My ultimate goal is to reach the higher stages of sky-diving, and when I'm experienced enough, I can sky-surf. Sky-surfing means exiting the plane with a board, so you can literally surf the skies! Imagine the rush of that......

    I'd like to know if anybody here is familiar with the sky-diving world, and what your experiences are with it. Are you a regular jumper? What disciplines do you find most exciting? How did you get into sky-diving?

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    2. Psyonisis


      My uncle owns a small airstrip and skydiving school about an hour away from me. It's free for family members, but I haven't gone yet. My mom doesn't want me to on the account that her cousin died when both of his parachutes didn't open.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Strange...I read you as coming from Chicago. Anyways, yes, usually in America, doing something professionally implies doing it as your profession, which means you would get paid for doing it. People who play professional sports get paid. I don't know of anybody who gets paid for skydiving, except maybe stuntmen.

    4. Ichor


      You really need to practice more. You're supposed to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

  4. I really hate this thing. Every once in a while, my startpage gets magically set to mysearchnow, and an uber-annoying blue taskbar keeps popping right back after I deselect it in the toolbars menu :/

    Luckily, I found the uninstall programs hidden deep inside this website, but I still have to re-run them every now and then.

    In an ideal world, one could surf the internet without these annoyances; no pop-ups, no 'free' search engines getting shoved up your browser, no aggressive advertising...

    Dream on >:(

    1. Ichor



      I remember the good ol' days when spyware was something James Bond used.