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  1. For my eighteenth birthday, I got a tandem-jump from my parents. A tandem-jump is a jump in which you're 'attached' to an experienced sky-diver, who does all the actions 1.e. opening the parachute and controlling its flight. I made the tandem-jump on Airport Hilversum in Holland.

    And let me tell you - it was an indescribable kick! The whole routine was extreme, the briefing on the ground, the preperation, and the moment at which the airplane's 'gate' was opened... We had to sit at the edge of the airplane, and before I knew it, my tandem-master pushed us out! It was exhilarating!

    Since then, I wanted to become a professional sky-diver. I'm applying for a Static-Line course for the summer. My ultimate goal is to reach the higher stages of sky-diving, and when I'm experienced enough, I can sky-surf. Sky-surfing means exiting the plane with a board, so you can literally surf the skies! Imagine the rush of that......

    I'd like to know if anybody here is familiar with the sky-diving world, and what your experiences are with it. Are you a regular jumper? What disciplines do you find most exciting? How did you get into sky-diving?

    1. Bloodshedder


      Professional? Who would pay you to do it?

    2. Terra-jin


      What do you mean? No, I don't mean professional as in 'job', but as in sports. Or is that called differently in English?

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