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  1. Hello people.

    Up until not too long ago, I always believed in the 'material' world. With this I mean the common Western understanding that focuses on science and mostly rejects spiritual views.

    However, a friend of mine, whom I trust, told me that he sees 'ghosts', much like in "The Sixth Sense". He said that these ghosts are indeed deceased people, and that they walk amongst us the whole time.

    I knew that I could trust my friend, so that left me with just two viable options. Either he has some kind of disorder that causes him to see things, or it's all real. After that, I did some research, and apparently he's not the only one. I've met another person with the same 'ability', and I've read several articles about the whole thing.

    It shook my old views and understandings of the world apart, and since then I've been very interested in the Metaphysical. The reason why I'm posting this is that I'd really like to hear your experiences on the matter.

    So far, most people who I talked with about this subject didn't take me seriously, but please consider that the only proof I have is that I can trust the person who told me about this at first.

    If you're interested in this subject, I recommend worlditc.org, a website that claims to practice in communication technology between both 'worlds'. There are several valuable articles that helped me form a new understanding of the world around us.

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    2. Fredrik


      Numbermind said:

      1) Have very little experience with higher states of mind

      It's kinda hard to get higher for someone who starts at perfection.

    3. Oh No Its Kyle

      Oh No Its Kyle

      Well until I see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it so...

    4. Ralphis


      Fredrik said:

      It's kinda hard to get higher for someone who starts at perfection.

      Now don't you go bringing me into this Fredrik.

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