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  1. I've finally managed to complete map24 of Hell Revealed at UV -fast MAX. It's one of those monstrous, seemingly impossible maps, but I've done it! Yay!
    The map has four causeways that have yet to be raised, leading to next parts of the level. This is how I did it:

    When the center platform is raised, grab the weapons, press the switch to raise causeway #1 and jump off. There's plenty of rad-suits in the blood, which allow you to finish off incoming enemies and the ones guarding the first causeway. Once it's safe enough, pick up an invulnerability (one of two available) and go to the teleporter that takes you to the cliff with all the Demons. You'll need the invul to survive the three Archies you meet there.

    From there, kill all the monsters guarding the blue key and work your way up to the end of the walkway/cliff. You can now return to the center of the map, but you'll have run to the other teleporter of the first causeway. The monsters at that destination should be dead, but once you grab the blue key more monsters warp in. Quickly escape the platform, return to the center and return to the first teleporter (the walkway/cliff) for a safe spot.

    You can now destroy the Revenants at the blue key platform and open the blue door. Destroy the Cyber and press the switch. The second causeway should now be raised. Pain Elementals will emerge, so find a safe spot and kill them before entering the second causeway. At the end of causeway 2, a small room with some Imps, two Spiders and eight Archies. It also contains the red key.

    With the red key, you can raise the third causeway with a switch in a platform. To reach this platform, use the teleporter near the blue door. Everything should be dead there already, but this depends on your playing style. Down the third causeway, a bridge full of archies and a cyber stands in the way. After they're dead, press the switch at the end for the fourth causeway.

    The final platform has Arachnotrons, Cybers and a lot of Imps. Most of these should be dead already. Also, an army of Barons and a second wave of Pain Elementals will warp in. After they are desroyed, you can exit the level.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Fredrik


      It's the hardest map in HR.


    3. Coopersville


      myk said:

      Well, congrats!

      Year, right.

      Yeah, I know-- It's just my half-assed attempt at trolling :P

      AndrewB said:

      Uh not me. Why would I strive for UV max of that particular map of that particular megawad?

      So you can blog about it, I'd imagine.

    4. Terra-jin


      Well I wanted to do it because I long thought it would be impossible. I've done almost all AV and HR maps, so I guess now I'm pretty good. Not as good as those DOOM gods at Compet-N, but still.
      I've never done anything at Nightmare, so I'll try that next.