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  1. In most of the benchmarks I've seen, the MD does come out ahead (mostly for memory bandwidth reasons if I remember, the Mhz difference is not really relevant since it's two entirely different architectures) but a lot of SNES games were kneecapped by Nintendo providing two types of ROM, one of which was cheaper but clocked about 33% slower, and this bottlenecks the CPU. Most chose the cheaper option, which, thanks to Nintendo wanting to squeeze their third parties just a little bit more, gave the system a reputation as being slow.
  2. Ragu

    Plasma gun's purpose when having a BFG

    The BFG is tricky to use in the heat of the moment; beyond the time it takes to switch weapons, the delay before firing and oddball mechanics make it more difficult to maximize its effectiveness in situations where it's not just "there are a million guys everywhere". It's a weapon you really need to get good at. The Plasma, meanwhile, is basically just point and kill, so despite being less efficient, the ease of use makes it a great weapon to enter unknown situations with.
  3. Ragu

    Is Steam Deck even worth it?

    I find it much more comfortable to play games on than a laptop, especially since you don't need any additional peripherals. It most definitely is not a frictionless console experience as is being mentioned here, though, and unless you stick to only Valve-approved games, you're going to end up doing some tweaking -- and even if you do stay in the shallow end, you're probably going to have to do some tweaking anyway if just to try and squeeze a bit more battery life out of it. Plus, one of the best use cases for the thing is running emulators, which will definitely take some effort on your part. But it's probably the nicest machine you can get in this form factor and at this price for playing PC games, with enough power to run some of the more sophisticated emulators, and that made it worth it for me. I don't think it makes a great productivity machine -- even without taking the necessity of a hub and external peripherals into account, it's a little light on the cpu and memory end, and you do have to wrangle its heavily containerized Linux environment into something you can use. Definitely possible if it was the only machine you had, but I probably wouldn't recommend it.
  4. Ragu

    Why do you not use free look?

    Blowing yourself up because the autoaim picked up an enemy below you but did not test whether the rocket could actually reach said enemy at all is one of the many Joys of Doom.
  5. Ragu

    Roger Ritenour's Earth Wad (Too Dark)

    I would say that if you don't like bumping around aimlessly in pitch darkness with no automap, that you shouldn't be playing Roger Ritenour WADs. In fact, you probably shouldn't unless you're a real freak for experimental design, who doesn't really care if it "works" or if it's "fun".
  6. Ragu

    How many demons have you killed?

    86,396 in the past two years, thanks Doomlauncher! Here's to another 86,396
  7. I remember carrying the torch for all those hopelessly outdated NES and SNES games in like, 1996. Or, like, watching an MTV 80s weekend in 1994 or 1995 and being like "damn I wish it was still the 80s, the 80s were so cool..." motherfucker that wasn't even half a decade ago!! Time just works differently when you're young. Nowadays it's like "huh, how the hell are the Xbox 360 and PS3 nostalgic, they just came out a couple years ago didn't they?"
  8. Ragu

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    Maybe a 6? I like to play maps fairly close to the context which they were created for, so usually prboom+/dsda complevel 2/9 in software rendering, but I don't mind playing in GZ if that's what the map was built for. That said, I play in ultrawide at 720p with frame interpolation, so I still make a few QOL concessions even if everything else is vanilla. Custom monsters, different music formats, new weapons, I'm cool with whatever the map set is doing, though I think it's pretty easy to make the game less fun with custom weapons and monsters. I'm not a fan of jumping or crouching unless the set is explicitly trying to do something pretty explicitly un-doomlike, and I'd usually rather autoaim but I'm not opposed to mouselook. I absolutely cannot deal with texture filtering, it's nearest neighbor or nothing for me, and I think that software-style banded lighting is a must for anything that isn't explicitly designed with advanced hardware acceleration features in mind. I have been known to turn on stuff like ambient occlusion and lightmaps in GZDoom when I'm feeling a little spicy though.
  9. English, have been working on Japanese for a few years but wouldn't call myself fluent. I can read all-ages manga and play old Final Fantasy games though. I guess there's the high school French I've mostly forgotten and otherwise absorbed from Canadian product labels, but I can muddle my way through to the Télécharger button on a ROM site. There are language exchange apps (like Hellotalk) and tutoring apps (like iTalki) out there to talk to speakers of the language you're looking to learn (in my case, Japanese), so not having anyone to practice with locally isn't a huge impediment these days. Ignore what they tell you about a language being useless, the act of learning another language is worth it in of itself -- but it's hard to get very far if you're not motivated in some way or another. Financial incentive is certainly a motivation, but it's not the only valid motivation for wanting to learn a language -- in fact, anything is a valid motivation, but only if it does, in fact, motivate you. But even outside of languages, just speaking in general, it's not helpful to say "well, I'd like to learn this skill but there's no money in it" unless you're actively pursuing something that will actually earn you money and that you're motivated to learn, because then you just wind up doing nothing, neither the thing you want to do nor a thing that will make you money.
  10. If someone is hurting your reputation by releasing a poor product with your name on it, I think you're entitled to push back against that publicly. Unless you consider expressing displeasure within earshot of gamers "incitement", it's just absurd pearl-clutching.
  11. Ragu

    The Truth About OOF!

    Was the initial post really that bad, or is this just a poster people don't like and want to pile on? It seemed fine to me. It doesn't lay out the whole video, but it describes the central thesis of the video, that it's not just about some sound effect from a game, that it has some relevance to video game history (which may be of some interest to a forum about a 30 year old video game!) and Tommy Tallarico is well-known enough in the gaming industry that I think it's reasonable to assume some people here may have heard of him before. Maybe it should just be left to sink if it's really of such little interest to the forum?
  12. Ragu

    The Truth About OOF!

    This is neither technical literature, a news article, nor a "hit piece", it is not revealing anything that isn't already out there. The possible criminal activity is well known to anyone who has been following the story (though he does dig up some stuff which probably *isn't* as well known, but he's already been charged and sentenced for that stuff). It's packaging it in a way that is entertaining and interesting, which is the foundation of documentary filmmaking.
  13. Ragu

    The Truth About OOF!

    Essential framing within the context of the video itself, not essential framing within, like, the world. This video is doing a thing called "storytelling", which often takes you from one place to another, unexpected place, in an interesting and entertaining way. If it's not for you, it's not for you, but claiming that telling a story by starting with something relatively recent and relevant and spinning it into something much more expansive and fascinating is "clickbait" is frankly absurd. You don't have to be interested in how it's presenting itself, and you don't have to watch it if it doesn't catch your fancy, but this is sort of like going into a movie and expecting that the twist is written on the poster.
  14. Ragu

    The Truth About OOF!

    It's essential framing, and like it or not, more people are going to be interested in a video that says it's about the origin of a popular meme among younger people than telling them it's about a long-established and successful, but not quite a household name, game industry figure who just happens to be a compulsive, self-aggrandizing liar and (arguably) a scam artist, and the layers of untruths he's built around himself.
  15. Ragu

    The Truth About OOF!

    You don't have to watch the video if you don't want to, but it isn't *just* about a Roblox sound effect. In fact, it's barely about that. I am a 40 year old man who doesn't care in the slightest about Roblox, but the video springboards into talking about a character who is, in fact, very interesting.