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  1. If someone is hurting your reputation by releasing a poor product with your name on it, I think you're entitled to push back against that publicly. Unless you consider expressing displeasure within earshot of gamers "incitement", it's just absurd pearl-clutching.
  2. Ragu

    The Truth About OOF!

    Was the initial post really that bad, or is this just a poster people don't like and want to pile on? It seemed fine to me. It doesn't lay out the whole video, but it describes the central thesis of the video, that it's not just about some sound effect from a game, that it has some relevance to video game history (which may be of some interest to a forum about a 30 year old video game!) and Tommy Tallarico is well-known enough in the gaming industry that I think it's reasonable to assume some people here may have heard of him before. Maybe it should just be left to sink if it's really of such little interest to the forum?
  3. Ragu

    The Truth About OOF!

    This is neither technical literature, a news article, nor a "hit piece", it is not revealing anything that isn't already out there. The possible criminal activity is well known to anyone who has been following the story (though he does dig up some stuff which probably *isn't* as well known, but he's already been charged and sentenced for that stuff). It's packaging it in a way that is entertaining and interesting, which is the foundation of documentary filmmaking.
  4. Ragu

    The Truth About OOF!

    Essential framing within the context of the video itself, not essential framing within, like, the world. This video is doing a thing called "storytelling", which often takes you from one place to another, unexpected place, in an interesting and entertaining way. If it's not for you, it's not for you, but claiming that telling a story by starting with something relatively recent and relevant and spinning it into something much more expansive and fascinating is "clickbait" is frankly absurd. You don't have to be interested in how it's presenting itself, and you don't have to watch it if it doesn't catch your fancy, but this is sort of like going into a movie and expecting that the twist is written on the poster.
  5. Ragu

    The Truth About OOF!

    It's essential framing, and like it or not, more people are going to be interested in a video that says it's about the origin of a popular meme among younger people than telling them it's about a long-established and successful, but not quite a household name, game industry figure who just happens to be a compulsive, self-aggrandizing liar and (arguably) a scam artist, and the layers of untruths he's built around himself.
  6. Ragu

    The Truth About OOF!

    You don't have to watch the video if you don't want to, but it isn't *just* about a Roblox sound effect. In fact, it's barely about that. I am a 40 year old man who doesn't care in the slightest about Roblox, but the video springboards into talking about a character who is, in fact, very interesting.
  7. If it's misrepresentation, Bethesda should know to deal with that in court. If it's for exoneration in the court of public opinion, they need to present evidence that counters Mick's claims. I don't know why they chose to post this as it serves no purpose except to inflame the situation further, but it feels very characteristic of someone who would shoot their mouth off on Reddit against a contractor. Maybe it's not just Marty, maybe that's just the company culture.
  8. Finished Ninja Gaiden on NES in one life. Finished Final Fantasy on NES with four White Mages -- not super hard, but pretty tedious. Can't really think of any other stunt gaming feats I've performed, since I don't usually have the attention span to get that good at a game.
  9. Yeah, that's why I told them to raise the cycles as desired. I posted those specs as a way to make it run as poorly as possible, since I have no interest in going so far into this exercise as to precisely dial in what it would play like on a DX33 or whatever. I think the problem with just capping framerate is that you're not going to get the natural performance fluctuations you'd get running on a slower CPU, so it just plays consistently like shit but doesn't actually feel like it did on a 386. For Zandronum, if you're in Windows, you can cap the minimum and maximum processor state in the advanced power settings. Mind you, this will slow your entire OS down. I'd recommend setting Zandronum to use software rendering so that the video card isn't relieving any of the CPU strain, and you can probably get it running pretty poorly without completely rendering your computer totally unusable. You might also set affinity to a single processor core in task manager, though I think Zandronum is probably single threaded anyway.
  10. When I tried capping the cycles at 3000, it became unplayably slow. If it's not doing that for you, you might want to mess with the options in dosbox.conf. core=simple cputype=386_slow cycles=3000 should make it brutally slow. Then you can raise the cycles to your preferred level of suffering.
  11. Ragu

    How to get good?

    The Doom 2 > TNT > Plutonia path worked for me. One of the most important things is to acclimate yourself to fighting the monsters that make you panic the most -- archies, revs, and cybers for me (and most everyone, probably). Either throw yourself against maps full of them over and over again, or simply find a good fight to practice against them and learn their ins and outs. Once you stop going full fight-or-flight at the mere mention of an archvile, you'll find everything is a lot more manageable than it seemed. Also, learn find the humor in getting wrecked by really mean traps. That last one for Plutonia, especially.
  12. Ragu

    Is FIREBLU hot or cold?

    It tastes like cool ranch
  13. Ragu

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    I mean, 2.3% per tic approaches 100% the longer a map makes you wade in the 20 damaging goop, and then sometimes the stars and planets align and you take 40 or 60 damage during a short jaunt in the muck. It's part of the delightful randomness that makes Doom Doom but there's just something about the arbitrariness despite the fact that you went out of your way to put on a radsuit that makes me want to write a sternly worded letter to the engine.
  14. Ragu

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    I think all of these are part of the "joy" of Dooming. A little sour with the sweet, so to say. That said, thanks leaky radiation suit, I really could have used that 20 health.
  15. Ragu

    Do you have hotkeys for weapons?

    I was using the default numkey binds up to last year, when I started really noticing how badly the long reach to 6 and 7 was screwing me over in harder WADs. Switching to the plasma or BFG would always force me to reposition my fingers -- I'd have to stretch my index finger over while shifting my fingers out of WASD positioning momentarily and thus halting any movement. Emergency switching to the "oh shit" weapons was basically a no-go. Another movement cluster would probably help, but there's always a long stretch somewhere on the numkey row. My solution was 1-4 Pistol to Chaingun Z,X,C Rocket, Plasma, BFG Q and E would work as well, but E is my use key and I like to keep the keys together.