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  1. I think everyone has to make the calculus of whether your time and the hour(s) of frustration are worth the elation at the end. There's a lot of maps I would probably have just given up on if I had to keep replaying the map from the beginning after dying 30 or 40 minutes in.
  2. Ragu

    What graphic settings makes you pee'd off

    Edge filtering, like hq2x or 2xSaI or what have you. People really hate seeing pixels so much that they'd rather see big nasty blobs that have no concern for whatever effect the artist was trying to evoke with the pixels, just "if there's a pixel opposite another pixel, make the interval smooth". I also don't really like AI upscaling. It's sometimes better if the source material is reasonably high resolution, or if it's used as a basis for retouching, but I find that for low resolution pixel work (like Doom) it creates a more natural looking upscale that still doesn't really feel right to me.
  3. It's actually still pretty effective if you turn off the regular Doom music, or better, throw on a scary soundtrack. The Doom PSX/64 soundtracks work really well for that purpose. It's a remarkably good survival horror experience for its time. At least until the fight with the Queen which is bullshit unless you have a stock of weapons coming in from the last level; it's essentially having to kill a baron with half the HP of a mastermind with the chainsaw, and no health pickups.
  4. Ragu

    Earliest Doom memories and impressions?

    Yeah, I know about Tom Hall and the Doom Bible and all that now. Obviously it didn't stop me from enjoying the game, though I do also remember when source ports starting coming around and Doom Legacy had bullet hole, blood, and scorchmark wall decals, I was like FINALLY. Now I'm back to playing on the software renderer in dsda-doom so I guess that stuff didn't wind up being all that important to me in the end? I do enjoy a good GZDoom gore mod once in a while, though. As a treat.
  5. Ragu

    Earliest Doom memories and impressions?

    I remember reading the early previews in computer magazines, seeing the picture of the marines playing poker, and excitedly telling my dad how there would be bullet holes in walls! And spent bullets on the floor! Of course, that stuff didn't make it in and I couldn't help but be a little bit disappointed about that when it did finally come out.
  6. Ragu

    rats learning how to play doom

    For now, but this is all leading up to some rats of NIMH shit where big brain rats do MAP30 pacifist
  7. Ragu

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    Lost soul you didn't notice in the back of the head
  8. Ragu

    Cursed Doom Images

    Even if additional frames are being interpolated, all the game logic still runs on 1/35th of a second tics in any source port (that I know of, at least)
  9. Ragu

    Cursed Doom Images

    21,168,000 tics
  10. Who even owns Winamp anymore? This sounds like they're trying to do another Spotify/iTunes/Bandcamp/whatever, thinking they can capitalize on people's nostalgia by using the name of the player everyone used in the late 90s-early 00s, but I feel like that ship has already sailed. The flashy, bloated. and detail-light HTML5 website seems antithetical to the ethos of folks still using Winamp in 2021.
  11. Ragu

    Do you do any drugs?

    I usually enjoy weed, and it's really helpful for me creatively and empathically, but once in a while it has a really bad interaction with my anxiety disorder and gives me hours long panic episodes, followed by months of acute existential dread. Not great!! So it's kind of a Russian Roulette situation, and I really only take tiny amounts to help me sleep once in a while now. Even though I'd really love to get high, and often!! Similarly with alcohol, but for that it's the hangovers. It would be great to be able to party like I used to, but: I really do not like feeling like I'm dying for the entire subsequent day. So now it's like, going out and having literally A Beer. Man, my body won't let me do anything fun anymore.
  12. None of them save for maybe ROTT had much of a cultural footprint, but there was a sizable segment of the PC player base that couldn't play Doom or were stuck playing it in an extremely sub-optimal way -- they hadn't upgraded to a 486, or couldn't. PC hardware was unbelievably expensive in those days, after all. There was definitely a market for less-advanced Doom-lites for those that were stuck on 386s, and though sales figures aren't readily available it wouldn't surprise me if some of the higher profile ones like Blake Stone and the Capstone games did reasonably well for themselves. Capstone at least did well enough to keep themselves going for a while.
  13. The fast imps from Strain are cool, just as strong as normal imps but incredibly fast, though they have to stop to shoot. But when they do shoot, it's a dizzying flurry of fire. The speed makes them seem smarter than they actually are -- the randomization element and the amount they move per tic makes it more difficult for them to home right in for melee, so they look like they back off to shoot. In tight hallways they'll just seemingly appear out of nowhere, and they work as like squishier but much more versatile arachnotrons when used as upper-level surveillance.
  14. Ragu

    Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka has passed away.

    I'm remembering when I started a website, then a week later SA started doing the exact same thing. I made some mildly annoyed comment on my site, somehow summoning Lowtax and another of the writers, who came on my forums and started ridiculing me and the site. Never was super happy that most of my friends online stayed on the SA forums and continued financing the owner despite him being a big time piece of shit who, despite running one of the biggest sites out there, was so insecure that he had to go and fuck with a fella running a site that had like, 100 hits a day max. But I guess being part of the club was more important. I kind of forgot about the grudge over the years, but Lowtax biting the dust dredged up some old memories. Old Man Murray was by far the better game humor site of the era.
  15. The only problem with Sandy's maps is that he had to crank out way too many of them in too short a time, so some of the levels are kind of weak. His best maps are my favorites of Doom 1/2, like The Suburbs, The Spirit World, Mt. Erebus, and of course Tricks and Traps, which might be my most favorite of the original two IWADs.
  16. Ragu

    Tips for New Doomers

    If you suspect any sort of shenanigans -- an oddly quiet key pickup, a blind elevator, a teleport pad where you don't know the destination -- have the plasma gun out. The chaingun also works if you don't have plasma since you want something you can spray and pray at anything that moves and hopefully get some stuns, but plasma is definitely preferred.
  17. What? That barely makes sense. I am very doubtful that there are many people around forcing themselves to like an ancient megawad for... status? You see people saying they don't like Plutonia like, all the damn time here. Look at this thread! And if anyone is professing their love of Plutonia through grit teeth, they should probably stop because rather than getting an in with the aging fans of a 30 year old game, there are much more productive and lucrative things to be faking it for. It's how I'm gainfully employed! You only get to speak for yourself, don't pretend you understand anyone else's motivations. You say you can't have fun with it because of the progression? Sure, that's completely valid. But you're saying that most people agree with you whether they know it or not based entirely on the fact that you personally don't like it. Really insulting to a lot of people's intelligence!
  18. As something of an ammo miser, wanting to maximize the effectiveness of every round and trying to incur infighting even when it's not entirely practical, I'm often switching back and forth. While the super is also more efficient in terms of damage per shot, it's wasteful against small numbers of low-tiers. In levels where they load you with an okuplok's worth of shells, that's not a huge issue, but when the mapper is starving you for ammo, every shell counts. It can be worthwhile to switch if you've, for instance, hit a caco with two SSG blasts or a manc with three rockets and they're still standing. The chaingun works in these cases too, but sometimes you're doing better on shells than bullets.
  19. I agree that it totally depends on the WAD. It may just be that the WADs I've been playing should have had more care taken with their progression (it's a lot of 90s stuff, so that's probably a given) as I often find they have strong starts, saggy middles, and a shot of adrenaline at the end, or strong starts and a rushed last ten. Meanwhile, the ones that are shorter are often able to keep up the momentum a lot more effectively than the full 32 map beasts. I think more than a hard and fast "cut half your maps" directive I mean to say that judicious cuts can often help your mapset as much or more than yet another map.
  20. There are vanishingly few 32 map megawads that actually justify their length and most would benefit from cutting the map count in half
  21. Ragu

    save spamming while playing

    Playing through Hell Revealed right now and there are a lot of maps where my patience would have exhausted and I would have simply stopped playing were I not saving. I'm sure going through the opening fights for the n-teenth time would help me further polish my skills, but after a certain point I just have to say "alright, I get it". My personal saving philosophy is to only save when things are quiet and I'm safe, like a checkpoint save. Sort of like a bonfire in Dark Souls, I guess. The exception being Icon of Sin levels, because those can get right fucked.
  22. Ragu

    moments that made you quit a wad

    Personally, if I'm finding a map particularly intractable I'll sometimes just iddqd to get a lay of the land, then give the map another shot afterwards. Often just being able to assess your options without being under pressure will make things a lot less daunting.
  23. Ragu

    moments that made you quit a wad

    I don't even recall that, but I do remember MAP31 after that not letting you get to the secret exit unless you were playing co-op, or if you knew to perform an exploit involving a one-time only jump. That didn't make me quit, but it was a big "fuck y'all, idclip" from me. There hasn't been anything that's gotten me to quit a megawad I'm in the middle of, but h2h-xmas' whole... everything got me damn close. For single maps, I very nearly ragequit castevil.wad this weekend after spending nearly 2 hours trying to navigate it, then accidentally eating my own rocket and taking a baron fireball at the 11th hour. But I did beat it the next day, though I didn't UVMAX it, because after 3 and a half hours spent on it altogether, I was ~done~
  24. Ragu

    Norm Macdonald Dead at 61

    The greatest of all time. Appropriately his routine on death in his Me Doing Stand Up special was incredibly cathartic to me.
  25. Ragu

    Do you own any old game consoles/games

    I've got a couple Since I took this picture the NES has been replaced with an Analogue NT Mini, and the Framemeister is now a Retrotink 5x. My cabling hasn't gotten any better, though. I've got the original Genesis and SNES in a closet, along with a C128 and an Amiga 3000. For portables I've got a DMG GB, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Game Gear, DS Lite, DSi XL, 3DS, several PSPs, a Vita, and a GP2x. I don't have the time to play much of this shit anymore, it's just nice to be able to if I so desire.