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Posts posted by FloofCollie

  1. 14 hours ago, Plank_Guy_89 said:

    I found out that the specter effect wasn't a sprite but is actually an effect, and through the use of dehack files any enemy can have the specter effect and even objects can.

    I used to think invisible imps appeared in the campaigns as well as demons, a bit disappointed to find it's not just a flag you can put on any monster!

  2. hallo!! I thought this might be a fun way to get into speedmapping :) maaaay have gone over the time a fair bit with playtesting and fixing but the main meat of it was done entirely in an hour haha

    name: uhh

    music: donna to the rescue (e3m2) from doom

    time: ~1hr then like 30mins for testing


    difficulty levels r included :) (barely) I'd prefer if this were in a slot with a hellish sky but not too fussed, it's pretty non linear and im happy with how it turned out even tho its super ugly