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  1. Doom House

    The story behind your custom avatar

    My youtube channel started off by uploading clips of the 1992 German film "The Burning Moon", but some of them always got taken down by youtube. (it wasn't even that bad) At that time, it was named 'Splatter House', but then I got the idea to start a horror Doom ARG series, seeing how I was uploading a horror movie's clips onto youtube. My PFP is the cover art for the film
  2. Doom House

    My first WAD (Caronte)

    I love the doomguy doll on the table via map1, LOL. Gonna have to boot it up sometime, very good your first released wad :)
  3. Doom House

    The 2021 Cacowards

    I was a tad bit saddened seeing it all go to salt, but hey, what can you do. Regardless of all of that, congrats to everyone who got an award and mention, matter of fact, everyone who has made something for this game we all love, Doom
  4. It has been a while since I first started my horror-style video series called "Doom House: The Lost Tapes", which focuses on an alternate reality surrounding the beta versions of Doom and even the normal editions beyond that, and I figured i'd post one of them here. They all vary in horror factor, ranging from being just surreal to giving quite an unnerving feeling that something isn't right. Hopefully someday in the future I will think of new ideas for a 'season 2' of sorts. This is the 8th video of the series. From the mythos: in 1996, a player suffers a memory leak while playing the new episode "Thy Flesh Consumed". Strange phenomena occur, causing the game to react in a very unpredictable way.
  5. Doom House

    Mario 64 music mod

    It certainly could be, it's up to you ultimately though.
  6. Doom House

    Mario 64 music mod

    Mucho apologies for long embed post but may i suggest these for new tracks? They sound like they would fit gameplay a bit better. Not to offend or anything but I also thought to myself "A Doom 64 music pack? There is some" but then I read about saving the princess in Doom, and it's reactions I laughed quite hard, like one of those 'bwaaahaaah!" type laughs. ....in a positive way, don't worry. Regardless, perhaps Last Impact's music can be of better use, the original songs don't contrast as dooming songs. now, maybe on a tribute map or maps made just for exploring and sandbox play it could work. Comb a playlist of Last impact OST and see which tracks sound good. I have seen people pull off Donkey Kong Country music in wads. Specifically online, Zdaemon. It can work well depending on how a map is built, and it's aesthetic. Have to be careful with choice there too, though, like in this case
  7. Doom House

    Random Image Thread

  8. Doom House

    Mario 64 music mod

    lol, even though it's a joke that would be quite the situation
  9. Doom House

    Two rhetorical questions

    in the Freedoom mythos, the army you face against are considered instect-like aliens, and you travel to their home hive (akin to hell in the Doom series). This leads me to wonder how the Zombies came to be. Extraterrestrial virus? I do agree the textures look better than monsters can when they all blend in together, but there is a decent place for them. Regardless, I replace them with the Doom assets to make a pwad of sorts for just plain old Doom quite often. (The glories of modding to taste) In a way, i am thinking it may be a good thing it strays from the original Doom games as far as they may, considering the current climate with current-era Id Software/Bethesda. Hell, even the name is cutting it close. They sent a cease and desist to a band called Doomscroll because it had the name Doom in it. Easy solution if such a scenario happens would be to remove one O and call it Freedom while keeping the premise intact.
  10. Doom House

    Mario 64 music mod

    D_Evil for Map31 and D_Ultima for Map32
  11. Doom House

    Mario 64 music mod

  12. Doom House

    Mario 64 music mod

    It should work, make sure D_DM2TTL is spelled right. is it totally silent or just plays the original title screen?
  13. Doom House

    Mario 64 music mod

    No problem.
  14. Doom House

    Mario 64 music mod

    The title music name is "D_DM2TTL" and level ending is "D_DM2INT"