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  1. Astro X

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Why would you change your avatar?!
  2. I just wanted to share with you guys this little piece of joy and fulfillment. This is certainly my GREATEST achievement in Doom ever!!! When I built this map over a year ago, I was sure it was above my skill level. I decided I would finally challenge myself to beat all of Astroverse. If I beat MAP18 as well, I'll declare myself able to beat late Sunlust and whatever comes lol. Edit: UV-max walkthroughs available until MAP14 (so far).
  3. Astro X

    Hardfest [Community Project]

    This seems to be exactly the kind of cp for a mapper like me, so I'd be more than happy to join in and create a map I probably can't beat lol.
  4. Changelog: - added MAP41. Probably the last one in a while.
  5. Astro X


    Map 06 mancubi and arachnotrons :)
  6. Astro X

    Holistic - A new Doom II mapset by me

    Thanks for the video, @Clippy! And you're absolutely right. I was inspired by 'Boxing slay' and 'Easy map'.
  7. Hey, thanks for the feedback, @LadyMistDragon! I'm surprised you found out this map is actually MAP31 from Astroverse. And yea, I like it so much, it's one of my best maps, even though it's one of the first I ever built. The only thing I don't like too much is the platforming at the hellish area lol. And I legit thought I had fixed that softlock in the goggles secret, thanks for pointing that out. Tysm everyone for playing my map :)
  8. Changelog: - added MAP40. Now there are actually 30 maps in this wad.
  9. Astro X

    Short combat puzzle new wad

    Changelog: - Reduced archvile count for the easy difficulty. Now there's actually only one. - new maps coming soon.
  10. Astro X

    Short combat puzzle new wad

    @LadyMistDragon that was very cool to see. You managed to conquer that level pretty nicely! @IcarusOfDaggers thanks for playing, man. I can feel your pain going through the level until the point you figured out the map. It's unforgiving during a blind run, but you can quickly learn what is going on and practice it within very few minutes of gameplay. That was a first experimental level resembling Italo Doom quick and chaotic [gimmicky] maps.
  11. Astro X

    Short combat puzzle new wad

    Greetings, Here's a new Doom II wad by me. Currently consists of only one short [difficult] combat puzzle map. It tries to resemble Italo Doom style: quick, chaotic, gimmicky, challenging short maps, but easier. - tested in GZDoom and Chocolate Doom; - vanilla gameplay; - all difficulties implemented. DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_UqruZGOaUen7uZ8qy8m_Z6XEDrJUznf/view?usp=sharing Choco version https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V7y-V-q1Zd-8eeJ25T3EU6iXPy7aJf9n/view?usp=sharing *Formerly named Bermuda Triangle wad, but noticed it already exists. I changed it to Triangulum wad. Screenshots:
  12. - Wad updated again. Soon MAP40 and then hopefully I'll resume MAP21.
  13. I have a map right here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s-Ok9nNJjSzINcjuthnhJu9DOH2TXk9x/view?usp=sharing - all difficulties; - vanilla gameplay, tested in GZDoom (Doom strict) - screenshots: