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  1. How awesome, I love those two! Yea, you're damn right. Absolutely. Idk how to compose them but if anyone wants to help me out with that, I'd totally appreciate! I really want to build more levels for this project, so if anybody feels like joining, we could definitely team up :)
  2. A tribute to the epic duo music artist 'Crystal Castles' in the form of Doom levels - currently two of them ('Vanished' and 'Magic spells'). - doom2.wad; - complevel 2; - stock textures; - may seem pretty hardcore at first but should be beatable after you know what to expect; - all difficulties implemented; - tested in GZDoom and DSDA-Doom. SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD Other releases
  3. Thanks, @LadyMistDragon! Actually, she just felt like building a "church." She added things along the way that she found "cute", not caring about things getting off the rails in terms of difficulty. I managed to beat it in a few attempts, though:
  4. Thanks for playing! Made the other difficulties more accessible and added a secret :)
  5. Here's the second map for Doom II by my gf :) A cursed church of some sort to praise the demon gods. - stock textures; - short but bloody; - all difficulties; - should work with any port, tested in GZDoom. Hint: Screenshot: DOWNLOAD
  6. Link appears to be broken :c
  7. Astro X

    [Limit-Removing] Shevirah (on /idgames)

    Looks very cool and ominous :o
  8. Astro X

    Ghostly Rebellion .wad

    Very interesting!
  9. As the development of the first edition of 'What is health?' Community Project comes to an end, and final suggestions/updates are implemented, an idea is inexorable: what about a sequel? I mean, this all started as a jokewad, but so talented mappers built amazing levels within a one month deadline. It'd be amazing to see what can be done with more time and organization. What you guys think? Perhaps new rules? We separate maps into different episodes with their own rules? You start with a megasphere and no means of healing after that? Another texture pack? Custom monsters? Let's brainstorm a bit in the meantime :) have a nice Sunday.
  10. Astro X

    Lakeside - An Egyptian Themed Map

    Wow, you've improved so much @ArchRevival, good to see that!
  11. @Heretic926 The startan conveyor belt starting room is not bugged. See the "doortrack" texture. Interact with it to escape. It got me too, but after desperately trying to escape I managed to hump it eventually. I can implement updates next week, coz rn I'm kinda tied up. The sky boxes Idk how to fix them atm lol.
  12. I'll reach 100 maps released with the final version of 'What is health?' CP :)