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  1. TheFartKing

    Disjointed Storms (Minor Gameplay Mod)

    This looks super neat. As a purist, I was looking for something to spice things up in Zandronum.
  2. Nine maps in. Seriously good. Tight level design, explosive action, and good secret hunting.
  3. TheFartKing

    The Lost Magic - A Boom Mapset

    Been playing this on and off for awhile. Overall very good. Love the character palette and the new enemies. Blazed through the first 20 or so maps but the last 10 definitely amped the difficulty up. The ending map was a little bit of a let down but considering you did all 32 maps in a month it’s not a deal breaker. Perfect 5/7 would recommend.
  4. I am not usually a big vanilla (-cl2) player but man this immediately grabbed me. The combat encounters are tense, fun and the teleport traps during back tracking really shake things up. I’m about 5 maps in and am enjoying the heck out this wad.
  5. TheFartKing

    DBP51: Deadly Ritual

    Love the DBP map map packs. Looking forward to playing this on coop.
  6. Wanted to call to attention an issue I am seeing in E1M3 where it's either a switch is bugged (?) (near the green gate) or there isn't enough sign posting to figure out how to finish the level: I found someone who documented in a video ; eventually he just used noclip to finish. I saw your comment on that video and was wondering if there could be an update to make it more obvious.
  7. TheFartKing

    DBP49: Mausoleum Nefarium

    Seeing a bug when launching with zandronum 3.1 on win64. Server is running using zandronum server on Ubuntu. EDIT: DBP_49.wad (without optional graphics) works just fine.
  8. TheFartKing

    Ozonia Boom Megawad - on /idgames!

    I am really enjoying this map set so far. Playing pistol start on Eviternity difficulty and I'm onto map 04. The soundtrack is so kickin' and funky it really sets a good mood. I don't know if I've enjoyed playing a map set this much since Eviternity.