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  1. DoodlesYT

    Welcome To Die (VERSION 2.0/FINAL)

    I decided to do the impossible and added the proto to the downloads. enjoy the first ever version of WTD (although I know you guys wont because it doesnt even have an exit)
  2. DoodlesYT

    Welcome To Die (VERSION 2.0/FINAL)

    The update that everyone wanted, V2.0/final is here! I made it the final version because I want to work on more doom mods other than this, and I want to finally take a rest after 3 days of hard work making this update a reality, and I already know that there aren't any problems with this update. Enjoy!
  3. DoodlesYT

    Welcome To Die (VERSION 2.0/FINAL)

    hey, thanks for the feedback. just to clarify, this is NOT a shitpost, nor is it any thing made to offend anyone or new mappers (trust me, I learnt my lesson the last time I made a shitpost map, what was I even thinking?). its my first ever (actual) map, with having almost no experience with doom mapping. I assure you, the upcoming version will have extra quality, and will be something Im pretty sure everyone will like.
  4. DoodlesYT

    Welcome To Die (VERSION 2.0/FINAL)

    you know, I agree with you, but unfortunately, thats all I can do at the moment. I've never really done any mapping other than a dumb shitpost I made that got removed (likely for a very, very, VERY good reason). I hope in the future, I can fix every problem the level has (and I should really start by removing the dumb exit that I added).
  5. This is Welcome To Die! A single-level Doom II slaughter-map that's really difficult! Including music, title graphics, and more! I'd even consider it a professional's treat! Other info that's probably needed: -Works only with Boom and other ports that support it (Tested on DSDA-Doom, GZDoom, and Marine's Best Friend). -Does include hard mode and multiplayer exclusive changes. -Exiting the level will just bring you to good ol' MAP02, because there are no other maps than MAP01 that are changed. -The map format used is Doom II (boom). 2.0 CHANGELOG: Files: thou_ultimate_nightmare_challenge(WTDproto).zip <------(WTD PROTOTYPE, KEPT HERE FOR ARCIVAL PURPOUSES) WTD.zip <---(OUTDATED, KEPT HERE FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOUSES) WTD2.0.zip <--(THIS IS THE CURRENT VERSION, DOWNLOAD THIS) Screenshots:
  6. DoodlesYT

    DOODLES 64

    this is a quick thing I made in a day when I was bored. this mod simply replaces (most of) doomguy's weapon sprites, thats all. also, unlike regular DOODLES, there isn't, and wont be any sound replacements, because apparently, one sound replacement jumbles up all sounds in the nightdive port. and, in case you didn't notice the last sentence, this is known (by me) to only work in the nightdive port, and this mod has not been tested with any other port of doom 64. DOODLES64.zip
  7. DoodlesYT

    DoodlesYT's Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 speed demos

    done, Im pretty sure it should be good enough to be uploaded to the archive.
  8. DoodlesYT

    DoodlesYT's Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 speed demos

    oh, thanks, I'll get to fixing it as soon as I finish reading this
  9. These are 2 UV speed demos I did for fun. They're good, but I believe they have room for improvement. Ultimate Doom E1M1 in 00:21 (-complevel 3) doome1m1-0021.zip Doom 2 Map01 in 00:16 (-complevel 2) doom201-0016.zip
  10. DoodlesYT

    Name your favorite doom source port

    dsda-doom is my favorite.
  11. DoodlesYT

    list of your source port to play doom

    oh, damn, I have many... Chocolate doom, Crispy Doom, Doom Legacy, Doom Retro, DSDA-Doom, Eternity Engine, GZDOOM, Zandronum, Zdaemon, Odamex, and the official Unity ports (okay, they aren't source ports, but they still count as ports).
  12. DoodlesYT


  13. DoodlesYT


    v1.4 and GZDOODLES is here!
  14. DoodlesYT


    its done, so go and get the final version
  15. DoodlesYT

    "omg doom 2 on nightmare is so easy"

    its not really to prove anything, its mostly a joke I thought of, and a quick map made in UDB, which is why it doesnt have an exit.