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  1. Just checked current default settings. Autorun is ON by default, gamma is 0, vertical sensitivity is 1 (10 for horizontal), WASD for movement. Left/Right for turning, that's what I use if I want to play on keyboard (WASD for movement, Left/Right for turning and Up for fire).
  2. removed with "strafe 50 on turns"
  3. Interesting. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p24l4lqvvx4vtq8/test230.wad.zip?dl=1 prboom's software mode behavior is similar to doom2.exe there, not boom
  4. Setting gamma ramp twice also fixed the problem in 2514 Index: src/gl_gamma.c =================================================================== --- src/gl_gamma.c (revision 4459) +++ src/gl_gamma.c (working copy) @@ -191,6 +191,7 @@ CalculateGammaRamp(g, gammatable); + SDL_SetGammaRamp(gammatable, gammatable, gammatable); succeeded = (SDL_SetGammaRamp(gammatable, gammatable, gammatable) != -1); if (!succeeded) { 2515 already does it twice. Forgot about this. Strange code instead of SDL_CalculateGammaRamp(g, gammatable); SDL_SetWindowGammaRamp(sdl_window, gammatable, gammatable, gammatable);
  5. I have similar issue with 2514 on Intel HD Graphics. Something is not initialized correctly. Instead of switching to software and back to OpenGL you can try to press <Enter> twice on "sector lighting mode: shaders" for reinit. Magically fixed in
  6. hope it fixed now
  7. False positive in dumb_read_mod_quick. Fixed.
  8. In Russian: https://habrahabr.ru/company/ua-hosting/blog/306556/
  9. That's because you have "cap_fps 35" in cfg. 60 is default for builds (and --fps %r instead of --fps 35) Try this: http://pastebin.com/jeFi7riR Does it help?
  10. confirmed. thanks
  11. https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1287546
  12. MBF 2.04? PrBoom doesn't know anything about MBF 2.04 and 204 (0xCC) demo format. You can try to add: case 204: compatibility_level = mbf_compatibility; // (???) demo_p++; break; between case 203 and case 210 to prevent crash at start
  13. no crash for me
  14. funny ub example http://rextester.com/PZLW7733
  15. reuploaded with dll