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  1. thescarecrowbb

    Adventures of Square Question.

    Changing it to OptionMenu "SquareMouseOptions" { Title "$MOUSEMNU_TITLE" Option "$MOUSEMNU_ENABLEMOUSE", "use_mouse", "YesNo" Option "$MOUSEMNU_MOUSEINMENU", "m_use_mouse", "MenuMouse", "use_mouse" Option "$MOUSEMNU_SHOWBACKBUTTON", "m_show_backbutton", "Corners", "use_mouse" IfOption(Windows) { Option "$MOUSEMNU_SWAPBUTTONS", "m_swapbuttons", "YesNo" } Option "$MOUSEMNU_CURSOR", "vid_cursor", "Cursors" StaticText "" Slider "$MOUSEMNU_SENSITIVITY_X", "m_sensitivity_x", 0.5, 8, 0.25 Slider "$MOUSEMNU_SENSITIVITY_Y", "m_sensitivity_y", 0.5, 8, 0.25 Option "$MOUSEMNU_SMOOTHMOUSE", "m_filter", "YesNo" StaticText "" Slider "$MOUSEMNU_TURNSPEED", "m_yaw", 0, 2.5, 0.1 Slider "$MOUSEMNU_MOUSELOOKSPEED", "m_pitch", 0, 2.5, 0.1 Slider "$MOUSEMNU_FORWBACKSPEED", "m_forward", 0, 2.5, 0.1 Slider "$MOUSEMNU_STRAFESPEED", "m_side", 0, 2.5, 0.1 StaticText "" Option "$MOUSEMNU_ALWAYSMOUSELOOK", "freelook", "OnOff" Option "$MOUSEMNU_INVERTMOUSEX", "invertmousex", "OnOff" Option "$MOUSEMNU_INVERTMOUSE", "invertmouse", "OnOff" Option "$MOUSEMNU_LOOKSPRING", "lookspring", "OnOff" Option "$MOUSEMNU_LOOKSTRAFE", "lookstrafe", "OnOff" } fixed the mouse problem. Im sure there are more things that need to be fixed though.
  2. thescarecrowbb

    Adventures of Square Question.

    I have tried and the mouse options dont work properly so I was wondering if there was a GZDoom that was completely compatible. In square1.pk3 there is a text file named MENUDEF.txt with the lines... OptionMenu "SquareMouseOptions" { Title "$SQMENU_MOUSE" StaticText "$SQCATG_PREFERENCES", 1 Option "$MOUSEMNU_ENABLEMOUSE" , "use_mouse", "YesNo" Option "$MOUSEMNU_INVERTMOUSE" , "invertmouse", "OnOff" StaticText "" StaticText "$SQCATG_SENSITIVITY", 1 Slider "$MOUSEMNU_SENSITIVITY" , "mouse_sensitivity", 0.5, 2.5, 0.1 Slider "$MOUSEMNU_TURNSPEED" , "m_yaw", 0, 2.5, 0.1 Slider "$MOUSEMNU_MOUSELOOKSPEED", "m_pitch", 0, 2.5, 0.1 Option "$MOUSEMNU_NOPRESCALE" , "m_noprescale", "NoYes" Option "$MOUSEMNU_SMOOTHMOUSE" , "smooth_mouse", "YesNo" } that are out of date and were part of older versions of GZDoom and I cant figure out how to change them to match up with newer versions of GZDoom. Im sure there is an easy way to do it though.
  3. thescarecrowbb

    Adventures of Square Question.

    Are there any newer versions of GZDoom that work properly with this wad? Its just something that ive been wondering. Thanks.
  4. thescarecrowbb

    Doom II - Hellscape (v1.1 FINAL)

    @NightFright Im not sure if I should bump this, but do you still have this MAPINFO file? The link doesnt seem to work anymore. Thanks.
  5. thescarecrowbb

    Obituary repackaging

    Sorry to bump this, but does anyone have this fix lying around anywhere? Im interested in playing this wad, but the link seems to no longer work.