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Everything posted by Chief

  1. Chief

    Hello all. I appear to be new.

    are you near Dandenong? My brother's girlfriend lives in Dandenong :-P You gotta be careful if your car breaks down there...
  2. Chief


    Hey Lüt, make sure if you do get Millennium released you do a proper credits file and stuff. These newbies have no idea who made it all (At least 20 people I'd say)!! I started Millennium literally over 3 years ago I think. The sad part is it's pretty much done, it just never got released. It kicks arse though :-)
  3. Chief


    Deadnail... if you can actually make out any of those lyrics whilst listening to Happy Camper then I would be pretty impressed...
  4. Chief

    Getting to know you all.

    I already do :-)
  5. Chief

    Getting to know you all.

    Sounds bad, but really it's good. - Save 60 dollars a week - Keep my hearing a bit longer - Stuck at home and forced to study for exams - Have to ride bike a bit so get fitter (not that I am unfit :-P) - Pay all the people back that I always drive since they'll have to drive me :-)
  6. Chief

    Getting to know you all.

    Hey everyone. My real name is Simon, um, tonnes of info about me is on the page link below. If you are too lazy to click there then I am 20 years old, doing Science / Law, and just lost my drivers license... pfft. I haven't been posting much stuff recently, but I always check DW and keep up to date with the forums.
  7. Chief

    Boy, I'm sure excited about the GBA Doom!

    How can you play a handheld game whilst jogging!? But yeah, I want a game boy advance with Doom just to get through lectures.
  8. Chief


    It's well accepted now that punishment (i.e spanking) is not the most effective method of correcting undesirable behaviours. Punishment only tells the child what not to do, not what they should be doing. In fact, punishment can actually increase the negative behaviour as it gives the child attention they may not have received before. Plus the child may end up resenting the parent. If spankings worked the miracles you claim, then everyone who went to jail would come out born again christians :-P BTW, stop using the forums to peddle Christian propaganda. No one wants to be 'saved'... "God is dead, and no one cares, If there is a hell, I will see you there."
  9. Chief

    bad news? good news? who knows?

    Tough luck :-( I've had 3 months of holidays and now there is only one month left before I go back to uni which is a little worrying. If you're so busy at High School that you can't update your page you _must_ be working way too hard :-)
  10. Chief

    this pisses me off

    Nah, you're way off buddy. For me Manson is the best music to listen to when I go to the gym for instance because you can really get lost in it and the lyrics. Generally it has more emotion (and aggressiveness) than any other music. As long as you don't hate Manson because you're some kind of ignorant religious fanatic I don't really mind :-)
  11. Chief

    this pisses me off

    Offensive T-shirts are what makes life that much more fun (not that a Doom T-shirt is offensive). I have three Manson T-shirts I only wear when I know people are going to see them. The best places being Shopping centres and cinemas. It's fun to watch everyone's reaction and then stare them in the eye as if you'd like to kill them. The sad part is the T-shirts aren't even offensive to anyone with half a brain.
  12. Chief

    Poll: long hair versus short

    Here it is 35 degrees celsius most days so long hair is not a good idea. You just reminded me I need a hair cut...
  13. Chief

    To the Newbies {dont worry, it's friendly}

    So now you're writing forum posts to yourself?? Wake up newbie.
  14. Chief

    Christmas is nearly here

    Well... I am getting a couple of t-shirts and a pair of shorts to wear to the gym... and a book on fitness. Other money I will be getting I am going to put towards a bike which I can ride and therefore save on petrol (but spend more on food). In the course of trying to find presents for other people I bought myself two cds, three books and two dvds. At that point I decided I couldn't afford to buy anyone presents.
  15. Chief

    Doom millenium...?

    If you see a modified EA Falcon tear past you it could be me!! Where abouts in Australia anyway... I live somewhere in Melbourne...
  16. Chief

    Doom millenium...?

    Funnily enough it's basically done. Our coding guy has to send me the engine which is finished. Everything else is done. It just needs to be put together and uploaded. I for one am just losing interest in computer games so doom related stuff is taking a back seat for me. The only time I actually play them is at my friend's when they set up a LAN and I still do ok against them :-) I still use the internet though but less than I used to. I read all the doom pages just to see what the same old people are up to. Thankfully there is Lüt who I am relying on to package it all together :-)
  17. Chief

    My Visit to DoomWorld!

    NewDoom?? Never heard of it...
  18. Chief

    Doom Westerns

    I think it would be more 'gay' to announce a 9 level TC for Doom III actually.
  19. Chief

    The /newstuff Chronicles #16

    ... I wrote a review of that the other day if you want to know more than what AndrewB said. http://www.doomworld.com/insanity
  20. Chief

    where are the girls!!?

    No need to be so noble. We were all thinking it...
  21. I'd just like to second everything Confusion has said!! BTW, it's too late to fix the gun problem in America. They tried that in Australia with a gun 'buy back' scheme... so all the honest people handed back the newly banned guns, and all the criminals were left with theres. Yeah, good one.
  22. Mine isn't all that big, but I can say that Doom is the only game I actually have on my computer!! Yes, really.
  23. Chief

    Updated my site again; No borrowing

    Don't get me wrong, you're a total loser just for ripping off other people's hard work.
  24. Chief

    Updated my site again; No borrowing

    "Jesus christ! Damn, I got a notice in my email. Doomworld threatn'ed to sue me if I didn't delete the news." You don't quit something because someone sends an email threatening that they're going to sue. You were totally sucked in.
  25. Chief

    Musical Fantasy

    Blah, I just went ahead and ordered it. Now I'll have that, Holy Wood, and Things Falling Apart to look forward to. Ok, back to stressing about exams.