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  1. - DOOM3 demo is at least a couple of weeks away. - DOOM3 patch is of course in the works addressing a couple of minor multiplayer bugs - DOOM3 expansion pack in the works by a separate developer - DOOM3 sales for the first week are possibly the highest ever for a PC game, Activision is investigating to be sure Also read this CNN article. Some "hints" about id's next game ;) http://money.cnn.com/2004/08/12/commentary/game_over/column_gaming/index.htm High
  2. highlander

    Boost Doom3 40% (info from ATI)

    This does however affect your MP and will not allow you to connect to pure servers once you've made the change. Best to backup the file you change so you can reinsert it for MP. Hopefully this will help till ATI gets out new drivers which from what I've read are looking promising. High
  3. highlander

    Boost Doom3 40% (info from ATI)

    I just did it and got 5 more frames/sec in timedemo demo1. Schweet! High
  4. highlander

    Boost Doom3 40% (info from ATI)

    Saw this today. Again I haven't tried it yet but read it and give it a try. File and info is provided in the thread. It's for ATI only. http://www.beyond3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14874&highlight= Highlander
  5. highlander

    What is martianbuddy.com

    *shakes head* Ummm..think about it. It was deisgned because of Doom3 by Id for the game to be more interactive. It's part of the joke about the email spam that they've gotten on their PDAs. Lol! it's not about Id exploiting another company. It's their webpage. H
  6. highlander

    Parental Evilness...The REAL enemy of Dewm 3

    As being ONE of the oldest here (35) I know I wouldn't let my child of preteen or under 17 play Doom3 or any other game that had as much gore and violence. It is rated 18+ mature for a reason. I'm not saying that every kid is going to pull a Columbine etc but I think kids should be kids while they can and not be exposed to this sort of thing at such an early age. Parents these days should care and hopefully do care about what their child is watching and playing but that is severely lacking in society today. I could ramble on about it but I won't. Most of the younger crowd on here will think im fulla shit anyways. Well I was once a teenager and my parents would say the same thing to me about games because they were concerned about my wellbeing. I thought they were nuts and didn't know what they were talking about. As I grew up, matured and the likes, I now know exactly what they were talking about and realize they were right about a lot of things. High
  7. highlander

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    unrar them to the base/ directory, not the pakXX dir.
  8. highlander

    sounds horrible with headphones

    I have the Zalman 5.1 headphones and it sounds pretty good. Don't use them to play music though, bleh. High
  9. highlander

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    I'll post this incase users haven't seen it. I am doing it now and apparently it GREATLY improves your Doom3 speed and performance. Here is the link: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=12608&topic=15503352&page=0 High
  10. highlander

    Emulated surround sound good enough for Doom 3?

    I first thought about speakers but since I live in an apt and don't want to wake the neighbours up at 2am with shreiks and gunfire,I bought Zalman 5.1 headphones to plug into my SB Audigy ES. I just hope they work with it as I am out of town and haven't had the chance to try them till I get home. Anyone else have this combo and what ports did you plug the Front, Center and Rear jacks on the headphones into? Thanks in advance High
  11. highlander

    Will Doom 3 work on Win ME?

    If you've been reading the Doom3 news and this forum you would see that Doom3 will ONLY run on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Cut and dry right from Id's mouth. Not to say that some dolt will try to run it or try to make it run on win98 or ME.
  12. highlander

    800x600/AA or 1600x1200?

    I wish people would stop referring to the leaked E3 demo as an alpha. It wasn't an alpha. It was a build specifically for E3 2002. It was NOT an alpha. It is also over 2 years old. A lot can happen to code and optimizations in 2 years and that is obvious from the HardOCP's guide to doom3 and their amazement at how good the game looks without AA. Highlander
  13. highlander

    UK Doomers.

    I'm 35 and I've been acting like a child since they announced it was gold. I wake up each morning and say to my wife,"XX more days till Doom3..woohoo!" She just rolls her eyes and mutters something to herself. :) High
  14. highlander

    Another Doom Review 96/100

    Read the front page of this website. It's already been posted. High
  15. highlander

    Another Doom Review 96/100

    You're kidding me right? It's not out in warez is it? :/