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  1. Piece_O_Mind

    Most annoying commercial ever?

    And besides, you can't access hidden menus and whatnot on a DVD-ROM now...can you?
  2. Piece_O_Mind

    Most annoying commercial ever?

    While not entirely stupid, another rather odd commercial just came to mind this morning that I saw a few years ago. It was a Little Caesar's commercial, starting out with an extravagent description of all the ingredients along with fitting orchestral music. As the narrartor says something along the lines of, "...that will make you want to savor every bite...", it pictures this really fat guy sitting at a table picking up a really huge piece of pizza and looking at it as if he were holding the Holy Grail. Then, almost as soon as that cut came in, the music winds down abruptly, the narrator says, "That is, if you LIKE that sort of thing...", and as he's saying this the fat guy CRAMS the entire pice whole into his mouth. Then off to the side there's a girl shouting annoyingly, "DAD!" Funky.
  3. Piece_O_Mind


    Preach it, brother...this world is going to Hell in a handbasket sooner than you think.
  4. Piece_O_Mind

    When you first met Doom?

    Old friend of mine + 7 years ago + computer running DOOM = voila
  5. Piece_O_Mind

    Most annoying commercial ever?

    I guess I should mention the already-mentioned-in-another-thread 3 Musketeers commercials. That and anything boasting the "coolness" of the following items: - Condoms - Acne medication - Preppy hygeine (sp?) products such as AXE deordorant - Clothing that's "in" You get the idea. To top off the list, I'll put down ANY public service announcements. Come on, people, are you that stupid or irresponsible to not know the truth about something, and not whatever certain interest groups or the government spews out at you on TV? I should put down "professional cynic" next time someone asks me my occupation ;)
  6. Piece_O_Mind


    Does anybody remember those 3 Musketeers candy bar commercials where it depicts the musketeers as 3 different ethnicities. Hold on a minute: I don't remember any of the three musketeers being anything other than white Frenchmen. Even though Alexandre Dumas was a rather dark-skinned guy himself, it didn't take place during his time, and thus the setting of the story would've been politically INCORRECT to have one of the musketeers as a member of a minority race/ethnicity. So therefore having the commercials the way they are not only cater to the stupidity of the masses unfamiliar with Dumas' story, but it's also causing a "stupidity domino effect": those who've never heard of the story before will think that racial integration was how it always was in the past and therefore end up even dumber than their ancestors (but then again, who ISN'T dumber than their ancestors?). That, my friends, is the wrong usage of PC.
  7. Piece_O_Mind

    More crap from Microsoft

    Uh, yes. Don't you have anything better to do than piss everyone else off?
  8. Piece_O_Mind

    voodoo doll effect

    *BUZZ* Wrong! Ever played Galaxia by Pavel Hodek? There's a section in that map where there are voodoo dolls in sort of "prison" area where the cells contain special items, but you can't get into those cells unless you shoot a hidden switch just behind the voodoo doll, which poses a hazard. There's also a voodoo doll in one map of Industrial Techware, only this time out in the open, so you'd better kill those monsters before they take a shot at the doll, or better yet just don't stand near the doll. By the way, it's really irritating me that you all are spelling "mannequin" wrong :P
  9. Piece_O_Mind


    No shit. Even a baby with downs syndrome could've figured that one out :P
  10. Piece_O_Mind

    Jesus' Existence

    People who adore cats.
  11. Piece_O_Mind

    Doomworld Community

    One look at that series of people pictures alone turned me off. Looks like another one of those made-for-mainstreamers community sites, which I detest more than the mainstream itself.
  12. Piece_O_Mind


    I say fuck the Oscars in the asshole with a big rubber dick...and then break it off and beat them with it afterwards.
  13. Piece_O_Mind

    More crap from Microsoft

    Just goes to show how much of a MS slave you were until now.
  14. Piece_O_Mind

    where are we?

    For a guy who's so anti-everything-except-what-Bush-stands-for, I find it quite shocking that you'd play a game such as Final Fantasy PERIOD. Then again, here you are posting on a DOOM forum.
  15. Piece_O_Mind

    British Politics

    Your train of thought makes me want to strangle someone who says such asinine things as that. Of course, when have I NEVER felt that way?