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  1. vqig

    Does anyone like the complex doom clusterfuck mod?

    The only thing i play is survival maps that's about it. its alot of fun! <3 <3
  2. vqig

    Funny Metal Meme Quotes?

    haha nice xd <3
  3. I know couple lol xD. <3 <3 Slipknot | "Pikachu Is A Virgin" Meshuggah | "I Like Juice Finish Your Juice Filtered Vitamin Substance"
  4. There this one channel I came across xD, his name is ChrisQuitsReality! Enough Said Lol.
  5. vqig

    New around here? Introduce Yourself!

    Some stuff about me! :) My name is Joey Marquis! Im looking for some good friends. who have the same interests as i do. I love when it rains out side. Im a mellow and chill person. I listen to Metalcore, Deathcore, Crunkcore music. I am a femboy/bisexual person. I was born in the united states. Purple is my favorite color! I love watching anime! Drinking tons of coffee , monster energy drinks, tea , good old wine ( once in a blue moon lol. ) Favorite foods is pineapple pizza, bangles, peanut butter ice cream, lasagna! Right now im streaming tons of wads on my doom gaming channel. I just started. :)
  6. vqig

    Doom Mod Project + Tons of Mods

    Thanks and its all good. :) no harm fowl.
  7. vqig

    How old are you ?

    im 26! Ill be 27 in November! :) <3 <3
  8. I have a doom gaming channel where I play and stream mods with other mods for fun! Im just wondering what are all the wads that are compatible with brutal doom lol! Maybe this will be useful for you as well! I'll be doing alot of wads together, but not to many lol. and i have good gaming pc so i should be fine. here is my setup so far and maybe you can give me some ideas! This is my project! I would love to hear your feedback! <3 <3 Corruption Cards Brutal doom Colorful hell Maybe fire blu lol even though i wont be able to see anything! Doom metal soundtrack 10.5 mod adds little bit more enemies basically some hd mods doom hud wad all the weapons for brutal doom and skins! bright maps wad vortex wad for 3d items! if you want to know how to get some mods ill post the link or you can join my discord. I have tons wads xD.
  9. vqig

    Random Video Thread

    https://streamable.com/dl1gj5 Caw Caw lol
  10. vqig

    What did you have for lunch today?

    Rally fries :)
  11. vqig

    Its my birthday

    Happy Birthday! <3 <3
  12. vqig

    Share Your Sprites!

    This is nice <3
  13. vqig

    fresh meat

    Welcome! :)