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  1. DeDo

    Memento Mori demos [-complevel 2]

    Wow, very nice, looking very much forward to watching this. And good luck with the rest, can't wait for those, especailly Requiem.
  2. DeDo

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Oh wow, have to watch these, always loved watching max and -fast max movies.
  3. That's a much better review, informative too imo.
  4. DeDo

    Armadosia v2.1 demos [-complevel 2]

    Hey there, I discovered this wad a few days ago and the description caught my eye, started playing it and I really like it. Getting lost is not very hard in this I must say but that's part of the fun. Will watch some demos to see how it's supposed to be done and where all the secrets are I keep missing. :D I also really like how the levels act like they are connected with you starting in the ending location of the previous one. Don't know if I'll have the time to try and do some demos for it but will definitely be watching this thread. Will be watching all the demos I can find after I play the respective level first, looking forward to it.
  5. DeDo

    Memento Mori demos [-complevel 2]

    Wow, a Memento Mori max movie...I know what I'm watching today, loved the wad.
  6. Very nice guys, this is my favorite wad of all time so it's great to visit here and seeing this wad still played and the old times from the demopack beaten. :) Were good times making it.
  7. Nice, never heard of it before but will give it a try
  8. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    Good to hear the attachments work again. Here's the improved map04 run. p204-459.zip
  9. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    I improved my map04 time to 4:59. How do I get it here if the attachements don't work? Should I send it to someone? I remember sending stuff to Opulent in the past, is that still an option? I'll attach it anyway in the case it starts to work...
  10. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    Map04 max in 5:17. I'll work on it some more later, some route optimizations that will make it faster. For now, lets have that map04 table have a max entry.:)
  11. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    Same here. I'm waiting for v1.1 and I was also busy with school. Got some free time now so I'll start working on some maps.
  12. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    If it desyncs, I'll just try to re-record it. Shouldn't be a problem, altough I don't know about the time hehe. And I recorded it knowing that it might not stay compatible after the re-release so no big dissapoitment if it happens. :) Altough probably no -fast recordings here until the re-release. :p
  13. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    I can finally contribute something myself. Nothing great, but better then nothing, right?:p So, anyway, map12 max in 6:51. p212-651.zip
  14. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    I don't really think that craming the name of the text file with imo unnecessary information is a good idea. It makes the text files confusing and the names toooooo long. What is really important for a first look is the wad, level and time. The body of the text file is for everything else. Just my 2 cents.
  15. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    Waiting for some time before startig the demopack sounds good as I'll have my hands full with exams in the coming weeks, but I'm ok with starting anytime. About the compatibility level, if Plutonia 2 was designed to have Plutonia.wad as an iwad and was made to be compatible with vanilla Doom then I think there's no other option but comp 4. Someone might even record and/or watch everything with Doom2.exe so all demos must be compatible with it. But I think we should sort this out when we start the project so that everyone who wants to participate says what they think.