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  1. DSDA page Note: the original Vile Flesh demopack thread is here. ------------------------------ Did map06 in 5:33 yesterday (sending to Opulent), working on map07. Sent the first 5 maps to Opulent a few months back for the SDA. This is my favorite wad and as I have time to play Doom again I'll be working on this. I wanted to record -fast demos ever since we did the UV Max pack but couldn't because of time or other things I did. /edit: Finished map07 in 8:11. I need to figure out a faster method to progress in the main room. So far, everything I tried met a quick death.
  2. That's a much better review, informative too imo.
  3. DeDo

    Armadosia v2.1 demos [-complevel 2]

    Hey there, I discovered this wad a few days ago and the description caught my eye, started playing it and I really like it. Getting lost is not very hard in this I must say but that's part of the fun. Will watch some demos to see how it's supposed to be done and where all the secrets are I keep missing. :D I also really like how the levels act like they are connected with you starting in the ending location of the previous one. Don't know if I'll have the time to try and do some demos for it but will definitely be watching this thread. Will be watching all the demos I can find after I play the respective level first, looking forward to it.
  4. DeDo

    Memento Mori demos [-complevel 2]

    Wow, a Memento Mori max movie...I know what I'm watching today, loved the wad.
  5. Very nice guys, this is my favorite wad of all time so it's great to visit here and seeing this wad still played and the old times from the demopack beaten. :) Were good times making it.
  6. Nice, never heard of it before but will give it a try
  7. Good to hear the attachments work again. Here's the improved map04 run. p204-459.zip
  8. I improved my map04 time to 4:59. How do I get it here if the attachements don't work? Should I send it to someone? I remember sending stuff to Opulent in the past, is that still an option? I'll attach it anyway in the case it starts to work...
  9. Map04 max in 5:17. I'll work on it some more later, some route optimizations that will make it faster. For now, lets have that map04 table have a max entry.:)
  10. Same here. I'm waiting for v1.1 and I was also busy with school. Got some free time now so I'll start working on some maps.
  11. If it desyncs, I'll just try to re-record it. Shouldn't be a problem, altough I don't know about the time hehe. And I recorded it knowing that it might not stay compatible after the re-release so no big dissapoitment if it happens. :) Altough probably no -fast recordings here until the re-release. :p
  12. I can finally contribute something myself. Nothing great, but better then nothing, right?:p So, anyway, map12 max in 6:51. p212-651.zip
  13. I don't really think that craming the name of the text file with imo unnecessary information is a good idea. It makes the text files confusing and the names toooooo long. What is really important for a first look is the wad, level and time. The body of the text file is for everything else. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Waiting for some time before startig the demopack sounds good as I'll have my hands full with exams in the coming weeks, but I'm ok with starting anytime. About the compatibility level, if Plutonia 2 was designed to have Plutonia.wad as an iwad and was made to be compatible with vanilla Doom then I think there's no other option but comp 4. Someone might even record and/or watch everything with Doom2.exe so all demos must be compatible with it. But I think we should sort this out when we start the project so that everyone who wants to participate says what they think.
  15. Yeah, I agree. Obligatory question, do we want to make a demopack for Plutonia2? Such a big project deserves one imo. I will record stuff regardless, just want to throw out the obvious question.
  16. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 - How good do you think it is?

    No, no. it's a megawad by Gwyn Williams. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12492 He had a web site for it but I can't find it anymore. I admit I didn't play many wads since it's release so I might have missed some very good ones but I play those that interest me somehow and there weren't many of those. But of those that were, Vile Flesh was the best one until now. For me anyway.
  17. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 - How good do you think it is?

    I have to go with Excelent here. Can't really vote for best ever as I'm sure this is not the last ever wad to be released.:) Let's see, it's challenging, the music is very good most of the time, maps are very much playable, they look great too. Me personally, I didn't have so much fun since Vile Flesh. So yeah, excelent.
  18. DeDo

    PL2: Mordeth Award contender finally hits the streets

    Skill 4 here. This is strange, I had by far the most difficulty in map32 but that may be because I wanted to do some parts of it in a certain way. Map16 can be rough at times, but keep playing, you'll get it done. Map17 is great you don't want to miss that.:)
  19. DeDo

    PL2: Mordeth Award contender finally hits the streets

    Map31 is very similar to P1 map31 but that was probably the intent. Some maps are very clearly based on existing maps from P1,makes me go like hey, this looks familiar. Map 15 comes to mind as one of the more recent I played. So far very nice, very good, hope the quality stays. The music is very good as well, map11 is probably my favourite so far and I was very happy to hear my favourite Ultimate Doom track in map31. Now onto the second half of the game!
  20. DeDo

    PL2: Mordeth Award contender finally hits the streets

    Ok guys, what the hell is up with map11. I've never been more lost in my entire life. Other then that, I love it.
  21. DeDo

    PL2: Mordeth Award contender finally hits the streets

    Congratulations Plutonia2 Team for finishing.:) Started my mandatory playthrough and loving every second of it. It's awesome! Question. Map03 is called Skull Island in the PL2INFO.txt file but the ingame map says Emerald Eve. Which one is correct?
  22. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 release?

    It's released now.:)
  23. DeDo

    Plutonia 2 soon to be released!

    Ooooooh finally. I've been waiting for this ever since I found out about it years back. Bring it on!
  24. I'm very happy to see a time under 50 minutes for the 1st episode, congratulations on that Never_Again. Great demo. Somehow, after watching it I felt a bit relieved that I'm not the only one that makes dumb things in his runs. :P The map04 trigger happened to me too atleast once, ofcourse I was killed soon afterwards because I kept rolling my eyes and thinking "How the hell did I manage to do that". The first pillar on map08 is the same thing. I'm actually surprised if I get on and stay on it on the first try hehe. And there's many more. From my experience, the more a stupider things the better the chance of finishing, with some exceptions here and there. :D But ignoring these things as they are not that important this was very enjoyable to watch. Even more probably because I did it as well and kept thinking "Interesting thing to do, why didn't I think of that?" I was really impressed by your time on map02 and 05, I never even came close to that. Map01 too but I hate that one too much to care about it. Sorry :p All in all, another victory on the TNT front, and more are sure to come. :)
  25. Wow, thanks for the review, it's a pleasant surprise. A few things. Actually, my sensitivity is 39, I play in Dosbox now. A few years back when I still had win98 installed I used 12 or 15, can't remember anymore. It's funny you say you like my movements in the demo and you don't like to watch yours because it's the same for me except the other way around.:D The reason I didn't use Final Dooms Doom2.exe is pretty much force of habit. All my TNT/Plutonia demos are with them loaded as pwads. And partially the fact that I have everything configured for plain doom2.exe. Sensitivity, autorun, strafe50(which I never really use while recording. I only ever used it for experiments and learning how to do it). I admit I was too lazy to do the same for Final Doom. Map04: As for my route, I think it's similar to the route I used in my -fast demo for the map. If not then I somehow came up with it while playing it a lot in the past or I saw it in a demo. Maybe both. Don't really remember but I always play that map this way now. As for the skulls, it's not often that they get released, just had that bad luck now. And yeah, I try to save rockets for later, that's one reason why I try to force the Baron/Revenant fight on map05 but which is not reliable for me unfortunately. Map06: I agree, great music here, it's really a shame that map06 is the only map it plays on. I managed to kill the Archie and catch the lift at the same time only a few times, altough he usually won't last as long as this time. Map07: The backtracking on map07 was a bit overkill but I really didn't want another 99% here. But I think I'm getting better at avoiding that without that much backtracking. The Mancubus telefrag was really surprising, this was the first tiem it happened to me. Map08: Hehe yeah, the first rising platform can be a pain. Either I fall off or I miss it entirely. I learned to live with it by now hehe. Map10: I'm used to times around 3:10-3:30 at the most on map10 so this one was a dissapointment really. Thanks for liking the movie, I'll play around with your suggestions and see what I can do with it later. Right now I'm considering whether to try to do an ep.1 movie for AV or start ep.2 on TNT. Good to hear that ep.3 is work in progress, I'm looking really forward to seing that. Good luck! :)