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  1. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Wintex error (16-bit subsystem)

    I have a problem. Every time I try to run WinTex, it says "Cannot find file SHELL.dll" and "File not found." Even though the file SHELL.dll is there. Got a solution?
  2. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Megaman X Wad

    GUESS WHAT? I'm finally ready to show you my first level! Just one question.........how do I put it up? I'm really bad at this. Or....... I could just e-mail it to you guys
  3. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Megaman X Wad

    No Prob.
  4. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Megaman X Wad

    Wow! I think that's cool. I'm redoing the sprites and maps. MAP01 is the destroyed Maverick Hunter base and MAP02 is the Highway. (based on X1 Intro)
  5. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Megaman X Wad

    If you're liking this project so far, I've got lots more to show. I could use some extra help. So, I'm saying You're in!
  6. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Megaman X Wad

    Oh....... and the monsters?
  7. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Megaman X Wad

    Even though it's an original storyline, I am going to make remakes of the X stages. Ex: the highway from X1. I planned on doing that. I'm still kind of beginning at this, so how do you add textures, monsters, levels, etc.?
  8. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Megaman X Wad

    It's an original storyline, somewhere after X7, where doom monsters enter a portal and take over his world. his allies, Zero, and Axl will play a role in this. It will also have different surroundings, such as city, forest, sewers, ice, etc. I'm also going to go either all 32 levels or higher, depends on how many levels I plan on putting in. I've replaced Soulspheres and Megaspheres with Energy Tanks. Radiation Suits, Beserks, Invisibility, Invincibility with many types of armor. The fist and Chainsaw will be replaced with the X-Sabre and a Drill. Those are all the I've got so far. *Whew*
  9. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Megaman X Wad

    I planned on using Zdoom scripting because I'm going to add Megaman robots and some bosses without replacing doom monsters. Except for the SS Soldier, that, I'm gonna replace. and I was going to make it that some of the bosses give you weapons after defeating them. By the way, here is a screenshot It's a little big, I have to add, and I haven't completed replacing the wall and floor textures. What do you think?
  10. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Megaman X Wad

    Yes, actually. A screenshot of this wad
  11. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Megaman X Wad

    Ah, yes, my first wad. Another video game converted into Doom 2. It's a wad about Doom monsters in Megaman X's world. I'm still trying to learn how to use WADAuthor and still working on it. Tell me what you guys think
  12. SerapphiMarbleManX

    A New TC Conversion based upon the Terminator games

    Wow, Skynet, you're a newbie and you posted a thread that got many replies, but when I posted my first thread. It got sent to hell.
  13. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Projects in Progress

    I'm currnetly working on a WAD, but all I have is WinTex, so I can't do much but edit things. I also want to know what is WIP? Sadly, I've never heard of it.
  14. SerapphiMarbleManX

    Spiderdemon or Cyberdemon?

    I think the Spiderdemon is the best. They bring a good challenge. Not like the damn Cyberdemon which takes practically forever to kill, but it's kinda exciting to fight one and kick its arse, I have to admit
  15. SerapphiMarbleManX

    When you met the Archie for the first time...

    Even though they'd constantly revived monsters, I'd blow them away 'til the Archvile dies. That would be fun, yet life-risking. Pain Elementals are as the most annoying things in my opinion. Whoops!! whaddya know gotta go! see ya tommorow!