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  1. scarecrow said:

    i coukd,m uh, do your mom.

    Hey did anyone know Short Circuit and SC2 are on DVD?/ that's fucking awesome. and look up some stuff on robocop and terminator, fansites, they fucking' aroolv

    First off:Yes,I knew Short circuit 1 & 2 were both on DVD because they are bringing all movies onto DVD.

    Second off:Before you can even touch my mom,you'd have to answer to my 12 gauge,and unless you're wearing some type of super badass military armor,you ain't gonna get even close because I aim for people's heads.PEACE DAMN IT!!!

  2. Okay,unless RoboCop has his jetpack and rocket launcher equipped,Terminator would definately kick his ass all over the city.Especially if it's the T-800.The T-800 may be absolete but he whipped both the T-1000 and the T-X.Arnold is the best Terminator,T-1000 is second best.He was more of a emotionless killing maching than T-X.

    But the really question is who would win in a battle between B.J. Blazkowicz and the Doom marine.And I definately think Blade can seriously screw up that bitch Bloodrayne.

  3. First off:I need email adresses to send the game to ya.I ain't got a website to post it on (I think).

    Second:It's a total conversion of Wolfenstein 3d.

    Third:The game is a top secret mission that takes place in April 2000.

    #4 Now:My screenshots of it are pretty damn blurry so you can't make out what's what.

    The weapons in the game are: Fist,Pistol,Double Pistols,Machine gun.An approximate release date has not been determined yet.Levels are still under construction.

  4. I see what you mean but if you edit Doom,the characters are 2D pictures,the levels are 3D and some graphics in it are 3D but not a whole lot.If you alter quake,almost everything is 3D,the enemies,the weapons,the levels,etc.

    Now Doom was revolutionary,but like Wolfenstein,that revolution became a thing of the past when the newest thing came out.That newest revolution was Quake.Personally,I like Quake II better than Quake and Quake III.But that's my opinion.

  5. I'm saying Doom,Wolfenstein,Catacomb abyss,and Hovertank 3D are brothers in the generation of FPS games.Granted,some had bigger impact than others,but I'm saying they're like a group of siblings,all part of the classic 2D FPS family.

    But something happened.I also believe they took them and merged it with a game that's 3D and poof,Here come's Quake I,the TRUE son of the FPS games.I didn't really like Quake I.It's too brown,even the blood,looks like sh*t.

  6. How do you guys feel when people say Doom is nothing more than the son
    of Wolfenstein 3d?

    I'm a Wolfenstein fan myself and feel that Wolfenstein and Doom are brothers and games like Quake,Unreal and Duke Nukem 3d are the sons.