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  1. and it wasnt really a good situation to begin with, placing israel right there amongst people who hated jews and stuff, so the un was asking for trouble from the day they allowed the jews to form a homeland.
  2. both sides have done their fare share of violence, which has been happening since like biblical times, so can't really be prejuidice against a certain nation.
  3. when i say "tit for tat" i am meaning how one side attacks, so the other retaliates, and then the other retaliates, and so on. i would also add that even if israel withdraws from the 1967 lands that the terror attacks will not stop, like what Pheonix said, it is in the manifesto of many ant-israel terrorists factions that the terror will stop when israel is no more.
  4. they are just like children over there, tit for tat, no real progress being done, except exterminating lives, and it makes me extremely upset when i see that kids my age are killed in all this crap.
  5. Stitches

    Getting to know you, part 3.

    i dont really know a religion right now, i was raised christian and i believe in a god and all, but i dont agree with the lifestyle and values of many christians i know a great many christians that try to convert everyone they see and its quite annoying
  6. Stitches

    capitalism is fucked

    yeah credit card companies are evil, they are after you cuz you are in a main demographic, and they figure kids will spend all of the allotted amount on crap and then the credit card companies will screw them with the rates and all that crap, and if you really get all the debt paid off they'll send you another with an even greater spending limit.
  7. Stitches

    Extreme Christian Conservative Conspiracies

    well there is a site there, just chill and wait for geoshitties to end their updating. cuz, its there and it's ridiculous.
  8. Stitches

    Hooray for stupidity

    it's another attempt by politicians to shelter america's youth from reality, violence, sex, that happens all the time, but they want us to think the world is problemless. the PMRC (primarily liberal i might add) did it with music. now others want to do it to games.
  9. Stitches

    Don't Americans have any respect?

    i hate when people base a whole society on the actions of a few, it's just moronic. and yes, it did suck that some canadians died, people do care, if you wouldnt base your opinion on a stupid hockey game, you wouldnt base the opinion that america doesnt care, of course there are alot of people here in the states that probably dont care, but it sucks whenever you hear people die in an accident.
  10. i got this site from a friend it's good for a laugh, figure it can be discussed here, its funny as hell. http://www.geocities.com/gwbushyouth
  11. Stitches

    WTF!!! Dude thats sick!

    well it is sick. but you must pay the piper. so she should have this baby. the most common case with teenagers trying to lose babies w/o abortion is that they are afraid of their parents. so she needs to confront the rents about it. or it can be even sicker, like her parents dont want her to have the baby but dont want her getting an abortion and could lead her to try to kill her baby making it look like an accident.
  12. Stitches

    What's in YOUR wallet?

    how do you put coins in a wallet?
  13. Stitches

    Favourite Doom II Level

    um, gotcha!, and barrels of fun
  14. Stitches

    Worst id game

    danger dave, that is the coolest game that one rover games sux though
  15. Stitches

    Parental Units (Or, why my dad is so great.)

    but my dad doe3s like doom