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Everything posted by nightice

  1. nightice

    Quake series

    Actually, Quake 2 got its name because all the others they proposed were taken or otherwise had some sort of legal issue, so as the release date drew near id settled on their development name for it, Quake 2. There's not really any continuity, nor is there supposed to be, since Q2 was intended to be out of the Quake franchise. As for remaking Quake in a modern engine, there was a discussion a while back at func_msgboard about such a thing, especially reinterpreting the game using the little given bits of story and, of course, the final product. It sounded really freaking cool.
  2. nightice

    Pick Sides

  3. nightice

    doom to real world heights

    Actually, my strategy for building real-world stuff it to get basic dimensions first. Build literally, i.e. 100 inches=100 units. Then resize by however much it takes to get that feeling right and not way too small (around 1.5 i think). Then build everything else so it feels right with that real-world scale, screw dimensions.
  4. nightice

    Story time!

    Real hackers are actually called crackers. They also don't use Windows. Probably BSD.
  5. nightice

    Idea for a Source Port

    Er...why not just record the game with FRAPS and edit it with Windows Movie Maker/iMovie?
  6. nightice

    New Family Guy episode

    From what I understand, they're on the last or second-to-last season.
  7. nightice

    C Code

    @synix - it probably wasn't such a bad idea to learn C++ first but use VC++ as your compiler, it's better to learn the language first then learn how to apply it.
  8. nightice

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    Unzip the pk4s into the folder that they're in. Remember to preserve the directory structure. Then delete them. However, this is only going to speed up load times, actual ingame performance won't change much.
  9. nightice

    Meets requirements but runs like crap

    Intel Integrated Graphics are extreme. ...ly shitty.
  10. nightice

    xbox 360

    I call it the Xbox 420, since they were probably smoking something when they designed it.
  11. nightice

    Lung Cancer Enthusiasts, Vote!

    Smoking: EWW GROSS
  12. nightice

    BSP and determining subsector visibility

    Idea: For the sector the player is currently in, find all sectors that the REJECT says it can see, and render current sector and ones specified by the reject. I dunno if it would work, just a thought.
  13. nightice

    C Code

    *sigh* He said that it took like 7 weeks just to make a GUI with C++. Understandable if he coded his own, but since most places teach Visual C++, they should have done simple (console) applications first, then moved up to GUIs.
  14. nightice

    BSP and determining subsector visibility

    Is it just me, or do BSPs seem horribly complicated? Carmack said back when he released the Doom source that you wouldn't even need the BSP, just rendering the entire level should be fast enough. And that was in the days of a Voodoo1.
  15. nightice

    Refueling Base - D3 Sp map

    Gameplay/map - Doom2 Detail - Doom3 Overall - very nice.
  16. nightice

    Anybody think it's a coincidence... [re E1M1]

    I don't trust the "Correct Value of Pi" site, since it's apparently been around since 2003 yet I'm the 139th visitor...
  17. nightice

    Anybody think it's a coincidence... [re E1M1]

    pi is 3.14159265358979323846 ...according to /usr/include/math.h
  18. nightice

    Dopefish in Quake2 ?

    It's in the Cooling Facility (cool1). You need to go to the topmost part - at the beginning of the longer water slide. There's a Gladiator in there. Go into the large pool in the corner (on your right when you walk into there). There's a hidden door, you might be able to see it. Fire a rocket at it to open it up. It's easier to see in an engine like Quake 2 Evolved, since it doesn't draw caustics on bmodels (such as doors). Here, I made a demo. I don't actually get to it, but it's in the pool I died in.
  19. nightice

    Favorite Weapon

    And an almost fanatical devotion to the pope, right?
  20. nightice

    gf6600 gt performing badly

    You sure you have the latest drivers and not the default windows ones?
  21. nightice

    Post a picture of yourself!

    OH NOES! I R TEH UGLYZ0R!!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DON'T CLICK HERE!!!!!!~~!!~!!!!111111onceonceonce
  22. nightice

    Can any one identify this wad?

    Ah, OK...i went over to newdoom all of twice i think, must have downlaoded it right when it came out
  23. I was going through my Legacy PWAD folder a while ago and came across this interesting movie. I have no idea what it's about, but I think it has something to do with the Newdoom forums. Anyone know what this is? http://niteice.hopto.org/files/ndmovie.zip
  24. nightice

    Can any one identify this wad?

    Nothing really informative...
  25. nightice

    C Code

    I'm not a 1337 h4x0r, but know the difference between C++ and VB and that C++ was not originally intended to be used with GUIs.