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  1. rubberduckdebugger

    Most Doom WADs NOT Working on Mac, help!

    Yup, this did the trick. Thanks for the incredibly detailed response, I was scratching my damn head for weeks trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.
  2. rubberduckdebugger

    Most Doom WADs NOT Working on Mac, help!

    So I've sifted through a few existing threads about making Doom WADS compatible for Mac but for some reason it still doesn't make any sense to me. I am a Doom newb so any and all help is appreciated, apologies if I am asking something that has already been answered more thoroughly somewhere else. I use a 2020 Macbook Pro on version 10.15 Catalina. I already have GZDoom and have done a full playthrough of Ultimate Doom on that format without a hitch. While some select WADs do work when I open them, the vast majority of them will simply open up with the new, custom WAD menu art and only give me the option of playing Ultimate Doom levels without any changes. Less frequently, some WADs will sort of work but many of the map textures are incomplete and just show up with pixelated squares. Initially, I thought that having a Doom II WAD might solve my problem. But after Torrenting one (Doom II on Steam is only compatible on Windows), it again only opened with a Doom II menu and the gave me the option of only playing Ultimate Doom levels. I am totally down to pay for a legit copy of Doom and/or Doom II that is Mac compatible if that would solve my WAD woes. But since this does not seem plausible (I did see an official iPad compatible version of Doom I think but that's it), what else can I do?