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  1. I am a fan of keeping some of the old timey things going like handwriting etc so I use a physical kalender to keep track of all my appointments during a week I also prefer that as it cant run out of power or fail in unexpected ways
  2. TSJ

    Why'd you choose your title?

    Because I am one with the force
  3. He must get several virtual punishments
  4. TSJ

    fresh meat

    Thanks for the greetings everybody. I love that a game from the 90s is still so very much alive. I can not think of any other game that is 25+ years old that still has so many fans.
  5. TSJ

    fresh meat

    wow, thanks guys
  6. TSJ

    Hi Y'all!, i'm a newbie:

    Hi Yvaning, greetz from a fellow newbie :-)
  7. TSJ

    fresh meat

    Hello ladies, gentlemen and everything in between? new blood here... ready for some oldschool dooming.