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  1. ShaneAmp

    Doom 64 is NOT Doom (DEBUNKED)

    Well its only the official, true ending to the story and not a remake...
  2. ShaneAmp

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    The progress is exciting! I always wanted to make some maps for the real snes doom, instead of the snes mod!
  3. ShaneAmp

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    It was at least 7 years ago now, I can't remember. It was from the spc soundtrack for my snes mod. I believe it came from zophars domain back in the day. I might beable to check myself. If you have everythibg handy, just try loading up some files. I seemed to have the same issue ripping instruments for a sound font, in an attemp to replace the spc soundtrack. Someone was able to do it, I havnt updated the mod with it yet..
  4. ShaneAmp

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    We should try talking to Gilman again. He did confirm to me that he has the files and software on a disc still! Who knows what else is on there! Kick starter proposal to buy them? Ha!
  5. ShaneAmp

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    If the dos version of snessor is considered better, maybe give that a shot. I seem to recall having 3 sounds I could only get from ripped spc files, one of them was the shotgun. Maybe another version of the Rom could work also, I dont think I tried a different region..
  6. ShaneAmp

    DOS computer

    Often! I have a 486dx4 with 32mb ram. A Pentium 2 400mhz with 384mb, voodoo 2 3dfx. A pentium 133 laptop with 48mb. I have a box full of soundcards including the original soundblaster and multiple revisions of gravis ultrasounds! Fun to play around with! :) oh and an mt32 with interface and sc55..
  7. ShaneAmp

    When Did You First Play DOOM?

    At a video game store here in Canada called Master Player. A demo machine had the SNES version loaded.
  8. ShaneAmp

    Doom 64 on Steam petition?

    I think a better idea is to propose a kickstarter or something similar to Frank Gilman, the lead artist for Doom 64. He has confirmed he has all the files in storage. It is possible he has the lost work also! Maybe if enough could be raised he could even finish the stuff that was cut, if never completed! I feel like there isnt enough interest, but that's what I wanna see! :)
  9. I used a tool made for ripping sounds, snessor95 I think it was called? It will load a list of sounds that it finds, you can extract them to wav files, and you can re insert and overwrite them into the Rom or spc file. I couldnt tell you anything more then that they are 8bit, and that you could insert any type of wav, it would auto convert it! You also would have to make sure the file was no longer then the original. I had to edit some sounds so that they wouldn't cut off! I made a snes mod years ago and used this program to used the actual sounds from the rom. Look into that program, it may help you out. I know literally nothing about hacking roms unless its an easy to use tool, unfortunately..
  10. This is interesting, I hope it goes somewhere. I made a partial sound hack years ago, adding psx sounds into the snes rom. A couple are loaded into spcs though and I couldn't do those. .
  11. ShaneAmp

    PSX DOOM Hacking

    Last time I checked, an iso for pax doom will freeze in emulation, if that is what your testing it with. I also heard that its not easy to make your own maps for psx, as the new maps need to be exactly the same size as the originals..
  12. ShaneAmp

    DOOM HD Project

    These look amazing! I have seen some good attempts that never got finished, but I think these are better so far! It was disappointing that Frank Gilman wouldn't give us the 3d models for doom 64, even if we paid for them, but I would be happy to see these replace them! :)
  13. I have looked into this before. Aubrey said he was given the samples for the game by midway. He no longer has any, but some can be ripped from the game. You can get the snare, that piano sort of instrument, and some synth, no guitar. I havnt been able to find one that sounds the same.. the level competition has even more stuff in it and not used in the n64 version, you would need to make it from scratch..
  14. ShaneAmp

    SNES Doom

    Even though it sounds a little weird, I like that low tone synth that replaces the guitar in certain tracks, it gives it a little darker of a sound. Midi guitar was always annoying! The snes is closer to what a nice sound card or midi module like a Roland or gravis could do, just in lower quality samples.. I always wanted to make a remix using the same stock samples in higher frequency, maybe add the ride cymbol back in.. just one of those things ill likely never do...
  15. ShaneAmp

    SNES Doom

    Ok, for anyone interested in taking a look at this old mod, i have a drop box link here. Unfortunately this is an unfinished version that was built to test a possible hud to match the snes version. It looks good, but it can only be loaded into a map for it to work.. It is not to far off from where it went, but i removed the lowered textures, and i cleaned it up alot. i will find it soon, until now, here! for the maps and hud: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8mhlvbgubmikcu3/Maps.zip?dl=0 for the mod (put the snesapu.dll into zdooms folder): https://www.dropbox.com/s/9eqy8eszorg7wxg/Snes_Doom.zip?dl=0 a screenshot of the hud if you don't care to try it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7f91rpbkq5nqqe2/Screenshot%202014-11-20%2019.07.06.png?dl=0
  16. ShaneAmp

    SNES Doom

    The snes mod I worked on had the spc soundtrack as an option. There is also a sound font that you can load up. We actually had zdoom spc support added for the project!
  17. ShaneAmp

    SNES Doom

    There something I like about the forward facing sprites, almost creepier!
  18. ShaneAmp

    SNES Doom

    The snes doom mod was never really meant to be a TC, it was meant to be played with other wads designed for Doom 1. A separate wad with edited maps was made to help with the feel though. I started work on a doom 2 compatible version, got fairly far along, though I never put it out. The idea to use decorate was there for sure, but my lack of knowledge and help and the dehacked version was good enough.. if anyone is wanting to attempt a tc, feel free to message me for the resources, and any questions, I learned a lot about the snes version in the process!
  19. ShaneAmp

    I Found the Long-Lusted-For SNES Doom Soundfont

    I have had this for some time, I talked to the creator about implementing it into a new release of my SNES doom mod. It doesn't match perfectly when used in game, because there were less instruments. Maybe he has updates it? He broke contact and never followed up!
  20. ShaneAmp

    In defence of Doom 64

    I think some more people should try contacting Mr. Gilman about getting the original models and textures for a hi rez version of D64! He is on Facebook, and he confirmed to me that he still has them, but wouldn't respond wheni asked about them being used.. Let's show him there's an interest!:)
  21. ShaneAmp

    Japanese Saturn doom vs USA Saturn doom

    i have tried both, they badically sped up weapons speed. it still gives me a headache to play, so the fram rate cant be much better.. i think they figured giving you the faster weapons would make up for the gameplay!
  22. ShaneAmp

    More rare registered doom 3.5 or 5.25 floppy ?

    The last time i tried, i believe my 1.2mb drives workes find in xp, connected together with a 1.44mb.. i recall only getting a 360k drive working when uses alone. also, when trying to write disks in emulator for systems such as a coco or c64, the disks wouldnt read, but they would write. i think that only some bios on systems that can run xp, even have the option.. i have a ton of old 5.25 floppies, would be kind of fun to store Doom on them, i only have Doom 2 on original 3.5 disks..
  23. ShaneAmp

    Doom (SNES) Level Select Pro Action Replay Cheat

    Someone has a video on youtube of a fairly old version of the mod, someone here i would guess, would be nice to update that, have it known for more then that..
  24. ShaneAmp

    Doom (SNES) Level Select Pro Action Replay Cheat

    taking the behavior diffrences and adding it to the monsters and sounds that were not in the snes doom ie, single sided, faster animation, reduced and cropped sounds.. i was actually surprised last time i looked that i only really had sound editing left to finish!