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Rammiel sucks!

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  1. Rammiel sucks!

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    scientist furry? btw nice gif lol aren´t you suposed to be training with lisa lisa?
  2. Rammiel sucks!

    Cursed Doom Images

    stripper imp?
  3. Rammiel sucks!

    What are you listening to?

  4. maybe the splatterhouse tc?
  5. Rammiel sucks!

    Random Image Thread

    pepsi dog
  6. Rammiel sucks!

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    i got 43,1 gb worth of wads,mods and sourceports... i think i have a problem
  7. Rammiel sucks!


    weird,the wad is not even on idbase ¿where did you downloaded it?
  8. Rammiel sucks!


    really good maps,but the dehacked makes it very difficult to enjoy since every monster is faster and does more damage than you.without the dehacked it would be a very good map pack
  9. hmm, but maybe a end screen or something?
  10. good maps but with very little space on some parts,and it ends just on map 03 without a end sequence or something
  11. Rammiel sucks!

    Project: Harvester- Development Thread

    i think you should put some more details on your post like screenshots and wich iwad you need to use to play regarding the maps map01 is intelligible and map02 puts you pistol start against 2 zombies and a hell knight,its very unballanced,i know its a demo but- simply dont i hope it helps you
  12. Rammiel sucks!

    Best level in Quake?

    i really love ziggurath vertigo and all the episode 4 levels
  13. Rammiel sucks!

    Sanguinaire, with Lovecraftian themed textures

    damn,really hard map,got killed a lot of times,specially on the arch vile part,i feel there isnt too much ammo for the though enemies tho.
  14. Rammiel sucks!


    damn,this looks really good i want to see more of this
  15. Rammiel sucks!

    E1M1 But i actually put effort in this time.

    e1m1 but you just can´t do anything with only a chaingun and 50 bullets