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  1. bump I went ahead and did this. It reads and writes using the normal BEX [PARS] table. It was pretty easy, especially for Doom 2/Final Doom. Doom 1 was more tedious because of how the pars are stored in the episodic format (the zero index for each episode is a dummy time of zero instead of EXM1's time, so I have to skip that one each time). Though it's very possible I messed something up somewhere down the line that I missed so let me know if that happens. As a sample, here's an updated AV.DEH with the hex-edited par times. This was made by loading AV.EXE and then saving its changes into a patch. dhe_special_pars.zip
  2. Ah I forgot Chocolate did that. -merge takes care of the missing flats sure enough. And yeah it seems the flats are only messed up when "Screen Display Mode" is set to Vanilla, in Modern the flats work right. EDIT: Also, "Allow vertical mouse movement" in the setup doesn't actually seem to turn on mouse movement like it does in Chocolate.
  3. Getting some issues with rendering flats after building 3.4.0 beta on Linux Mint. But on the bright side it's otherwise loading Scythe 2 now.