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  1. Kapt'nMullet

    Well it's been leaked

  2. Kapt'nMullet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #191

    No Daniel this week. Is he all right?
  3. Kapt'nMullet

    Doom 3 theme song [FULL]

    What kind of music would make anyone want to fuck zombies?
  4. Kapt'nMullet

    Deimos and Phobos...

    from http://www.nineplanets.org/phobos.html: And Phobos is doomed: because its orbit is below synchronous altitude tidal forces are lowering its orbit (current rate: about 1.8 meters per century). In about 50 million years it will either crash onto the surface of Mars or (more likely) break up into a ring. (This is the opposite effect to that operating to raise the orbit of the Moon.)
  5. Kapt'nMullet

    Worst Wad.... Ever

    I agree. I wanted to see the newstuff review of it, but I guess The Ultimate Doomer didn't think it was worth reviewing.
  6. Kapt'nMullet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #190

    come on I want to see what you think of invmaze.wad
  7. Kapt'nMullet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #190

    hey, you missed this http://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames/newstuff/invmaze.zip
  8. Kapt'nMullet

    Doom3 dot com Goes Live

    Damn, now that I know Tool's doing the music I want it even more
  9. Kapt'nMullet

    Worst Wad.... Ever

  10. Kapt'nMullet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #189

    I uploaded a wad yesterday but it wasn't reviewed. Will it be reviewed next week?
  11. Kapt'nMullet

    Hey Mikey, He Likes It!

    is that supposed to say I'm not kidding?